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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Art Brut - The Replacements

Art Brut are deadly, the chorous makes me laugh every time I hear it. Very inventive and unique..... Rock On !!!!!


Oh my god I used to have this on video about 13 years ago, I actually thought it was really hardcore at the time but now, notso much. Still a class tune.

Real Estate - Atlantic City

I love this simply feel good tune from Atlantic City.

I Feel Funny

This is the result of a kid getting to much gas at the dentist..

Whats out Japs about.

In the clip we see the mad Japanese egits prank some unsuspecting business man, he thinks he is simply interviewing some clients but they have set him up in an outrageous sniper prank, Beadle ain't got nothin on these mad Japanese bastards.

Chubby Cup Cake Boy

Ah god love him, isnt he priceless.....who ate all the pies, he did he did !!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Atlas Sound - Shelia

Atlas Sound is the solo project of Bradford Cox, the striking and eccentric vocalist for experimental indie rocker act Deerhunter. Cox was born in 1982 in Athens, GA, a town whose burgeoning music scene greatly influenced the singer. He identified with the B-52's while growing up, particularly the late Ricky Wilson, and co-founded Deerhunter with drummer/keyboardist Moses Archuleta in 2001. Deerhunter released two full-length albums and an EP before taking a break in 2007, with the bandmembers citing a desire to sort out their personal lives in the interim. Cox shifted his focus to Atlas Sound, having already issued a split 12" vinyl and a pair of EPs under the same moniker. Molding his sound from a wide range of influences -- including doo wop, electronica, and Elvis Presley -- Cox then set to work on Atlas Sound's full-length debut, Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel. The album appeared in early 2008 and received strong reviews, fueling Cox's decision to quickly begin work on a second album. Later that year, however, an unfinished copy of the intended sophomore album was leaked from Cox's MediaFire account, causing the exasperated singer to consider abandoning the project altogether. He eventually returned to the material, polished its rough edges, and released the finished product -- now titled Logos -- in 2009. Andrew Leahey, All Music Guide

Tokyo Police Club - Nature of the Experiment

TOKYO POLICE CLUB started by accident one day in the ordinary suburb of Newmarket when Greg, Josh, Dave, and Graham decided that they missed playing music together, their previous band having broken up several months before. The four gathered in Josh's basement, plugging in instruments and making up songs almost at random, with no goal but to recapture the magic that they felt making music together. By the time summer came, TPC had began quietly to play shows in the Toronto area, shows at which the very few people in attendance seemed impressed by what they saw. The band seemed likely to end here, with the various members preparing to go their separate ways in the fall, when fate intervened in the form of an invitation to play the Pop Montreal festival. Packing their instruments and girlfriends into a tiny university residence room, TPC spent a week immersed in music, spending days lazily wandering the streets of Montreal and nights rehearsing loudly in the tiniest of spaces, and topping it off in style with a sold out show that saw the band play for the first time to an audience that was actually interested. A few weeks later, all four had agreed that it was time to break their mother's hearts and pursue that most elusive of pipe dreams: a career in the music business.

Shout Out Louds - Very loud

they started the band in 2001. Actually, Adam (the singer) and Ted (the bass man) started it and after only a few seconds Carl (the guitar player) joined them. They had all been friends since they were rather small and they loved the same records so there was really no point in not starting a band. Then Eric (the drummer) and finally Bebban (the keyboards etc. player) came along. They were two more friends from a rather early stage in life. Eric played the drums like some kind of a creature while Bebban was getting awfully tired of walking around the city on her own waiting for people to come out of their garages, so there was really no point in not asking them to join the band.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Love Language - Lalita

I really love the the muffled guitar riff from the first single from The Love Language's self-titled debut album. The band is drummer Thomas Simpson, organist Kate Thompson, bassist Joshua Pope, keyboardist/vocalist Missy Thangs, guitarist/vocalist Junis Beefmonth, and guitarist/percussionist/vocalist Jordan McLamb. Rock on with a hard on.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Girls - "Lust For Life" (official video)

The second Aaron Brown-helmed clip from Girls' upcoming "Album" out September 22nd in North America, September 28th in UK and Europe. It kinda reminds me of "Those Dancing Days"

Cold Cave - Life Magazine

Cold Cave playing Life Magazine live in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City on October 24, 2009.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Dears, There Goes My Outfit

The Dears have not gone away and come back, but they have been transformed: by experience, by necessity, by life and its manifold curveballs. And with their new album, MISSILES, they have emerged as elder statesmen of the Canadian indie rock renaissance. They have been to awards shows and have been nominated for prizes, they have shared the stage with musical heroes, and they have sold out shows around the world. They have been recognized, mythologized, and eulogized. They have returned home to Montreal triumphant, and they have suffered defeat. But with defeat as their muse, they have grown and matured. And they have decided to stay.

At The Pool Hall

When the folks were hear we took Vince to the local pool hall. Me and Vince got hammered by the lads but good times were had by all. In the picture Vince demonstrates the doggy rest, no stick needed.


It's been a couple of weeks since doing a blog so I'm trying to get back into it.
Ive been back in Ardee and have had my thirty second birthday, trying to catch up on work, got a new RC car, new PS3 games and I heard some class new bands....Oh yeah my parents where in New York visiting me. She has been busy.