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Saturday, December 10, 2011


It's funny years ago when The strokes where at the top of there game all the hipsters thought that they where to commercial. But on there recent tour the hipsters thought they where "totally cool" 
I'm just saying.

Friday, December 9, 2011

『Fountain Of Youth/Arrested Development』

No guns, no big booty shaking just good ole whole some colored folk banging out beats. Go on yis whores yis !!arrested development, Zingalamaduni, one of my fave albums of all time.

Smith Westerns - Weekend

I love the smith westerns, No not it that kind of way.
smith westerns are an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois.Their musical influences include David Bowie, Marc Bolan, T. Rex and Brit Pop
Their self-titled debut album was released on HoZac Records on June 5, 2009. Most of the album was recorded throughout the winter and early spring in Max Kakacek's basement.

St Josephs hospital closing ?

 If st josephs hospital in ardee closes down it will be such a shame, I don't understand how shutting down a hospital is going to help the country.
A TOP union official says there is 'no logic' in the plans to close st josephs hospital in ardee and the Cottage in Drogheda.
SIPTU'S National Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, expressed his sadness and disappointment that the two highly regarded and HIQA compliant Hospitals in County Louth had been earmarked for closure by Health Minister Dr James Reilly.
' There is no logic to the decision to earmark these hospitals as both are excellent, proven in their ability to serve the needs of Senior Citsens and those with a need for 24/7 care in a Hospital setting,' said Bell. 'As a National Organiser for Ireland's biggest Health Union I have been fighting the HSE and previous government on the closure of beds and hospitals in Community Nursing Unit settings throughout Ireland on the basis of balancing the books and it now seems that the excuse of using HIQA to justify the closing of a hospital has finally run out and that the practice of ' bottom line' medical care has finally surfaced warts and all'.

The Black Keys - Sister

Some of the credit for the band’s more expansive sound surely goes to Brian Burton, the producer and musician who goes by Danger Mouse. Burton is half of the duos gnarls barkley and broken bells, and has produced albums by Beck, Gorillaz and the Black Keys’ 2008 album, “Attack & Release.” He also helped shape “Tighten Up” on “Brothers.” This time,danger mouse signs on as a co-writer, too, and merging his eclectic pop instincts with Auerbach and Carney’s rock ’n’ roll muscle makes for a formidable combination that seems certain to cement the Black Keys’ steady transition from scrappy indie band to bigtime rock ’n’ rollers. In case you didn't know the car below is an el camino which is also the name of the black keys latest album which became availible on december 6th just in time for santy.


I'll give them a ten out of ten for trying but sorry it's pure unadulterated runny shite. Cleveland metallers ALTERNATE-REALITY  have released a video for their song "The King That Never Was,"and i'm sure it can be found at the bottom of a Slurry_pit near you soon.

Das Racist - You Oughta Know

das racist is an alternative hip hop group based in brooklyn , New York City, composed of MCs Himanshu Suri (aka Heems), and  (Victor vazquez aka Kool A.D.) and hype man ashok-kondabolu (aka Dap). Known for their use of humor, academic references, foreign allusions, and unconventional style, das racist has been both dismissed as joke rap and hailed as an urgent new voice in rap.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ralph Whistler Giese on Kelly & Company 1984

I don't know whats more amazing, The Mullet, the
crowd or the whistling.


What a cool tune and video by WU LYF  (pronounced "Woo Life", stands for "World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation") The band are from the arm pit state Manchester nj. The band describes their music as "heavy pop" and I love it.
          Find out more about World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation@

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Japandroids - Younger Us

japandroids was formed in 2006 by Brian King (guitar, vocals) and David Prowse (drums, vocals)
 Frustrated by the lack of support for live music in vancouver, as well as the difficultly of 'breaking into' the local music scene, King and Prowse regularly set up their own shows.Inspired by the DIY methods of bands like Fugazi  they would often arrange for a venue or space to play, rent PA equipment, design and distribute fliers and posters, as well as arrange for their friends to help run the shows.

The Stampeders - Sweet City Woman

canada always been a friendly neighbor to the North and has exported many popular musicians to the world, such asNeil_Young  (we owe you), bryan adams (we’re even) and celine dion (you owe big!) But no more was their influence on pop music felt than in the early 70s, when led by the Guess Who, the charts were filled pop bands from the Great White North. And in 1971, the Stampeders took their huge Canadian Country into the American Top 10, disarming us with their “country morning all smothered in dew”, their banjo and their “feel for singing’”

The Babies - Meet Me in the City

Babies is one of the many reasons for my life becoming great and for not doing a lot of blogging any more. Babies is also the project of vivian girls’ Cassie Ramone, Woods bassist Kevin Morby, Bossy drummer Justin Sullivan, and Stupid Party’s Nathanael Stark on bass. All that said, it’ll largely be the songwriting project of Morby, because bassists need side projects. Take a listen to the shambling guitar-pop howler “Meet Me In The City.” 

My very own Sophie.

Biker Crashes Into Unsuspecting Female

This is why they say "women shouldn't be next nor near motorcycles"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chris Knox-A Song to Welcome the Onset of Maturity

It seems like half of Ireland has emigrated to australia, so heres a song by Chris_Knox who's from new zealand, now screw you Harold_Bishop. Cris Knox has played live in front of audiences all around New Zealand, winning a reputation for his sometimes confrontational style, and performed annually at Wellington's infamous Bar Bodega. He has also extensively toured internationally. His swing through the US in 1995 included, among others, stops in Seattle to play the Crocodile Cafe. His minimalist, DIY sound played well to ears then-focused on grunge, with its retro-punk stylings.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Beatles - Free As A Bird - HD

Having not done a blog in ages I don't know where to begin, so I suppose after having visitor's for the past month and now they have all gone this song is appropriate.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Back in the day, the NYC-born lizzy_grant was rocking an unpolished 60′s siren look and playing shows to support her genre-hopping independently-released debut album. Fast forward to 2011, and Lana Del Rey has had a bit of a makeover: Her 60′s look has now been refined with sky-high wigs, more makeup, and a new pair of lips that leaves her looking like a Valley of the Dolls cast member, or the “gangster Nancy Sinatra” as she’s been billing herself as lately.

Homemade Water Slide-Ron's Slip n Slide (Read vid descript.)

Oh my god I would love a go on that Slip-n-Slide-Splash.

Friday, August 5, 2011

1st Episode Ever of IN BED WITH GALADRIEL guest GUY!

 Rockstar, kale eating, skinny. That's right cuntastic galadriel masterson now has her own internet talk show called " in bed with Galadriel ". The first episode stars Toilet Böys lead singer, Miss Guy.
Ch Ch Check it out !!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Those Darlins - "Red Light Love" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

I'm really liking the sound of  /those darlins. If you havn't yet bought the single, then fuckin do so. Download Red Light Love here.

BILLY BRAGG - Milkman of Human Kindness

I first heard this song in John Reailys house in about 1996, it was on a mixed music video. In the video billy bragg was playing at glastonbury music festival, I thought the song was very clever and strange for some one to think of themselves as a milkman let alone a milkman_of_human_kindness.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The aftermath of a black widow

Latrodectus or Black_Widow can cause some horrific infections.

Amy Winehouse Dead

I guess this is what happens when you don't go to rehab. Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her North London home, Sky News is reporting. The Daily Mirorreports that police have confirmed the passing.
The Grammy-winning singer, best known for her hit song, "Rehab," died of an apparent drug overdose. She's battled drug addiction for years, having most recently checked back into rehabilitation in May.
Earlier in the day, Tim Gatt, a Sky News producer, tweeted a statement saying that she was withdrawing from all of her upcoming performances, writing, "Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances. Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Islands - Tender Torture

 In mid-2005 Islands recorded a debut album titled Return to the Sea, which was released in April 2006. The album was recorded in Montreal, Canada, at Breakglass Studio and in Jamie Thompson's bedroom, and was produced by audio engineer/record producer Mark Lawson.
Islands mixing debut album Return to the Sea in Jamie's bedroom. Left to Right: Sarah Neufeld (violin, Arcade Fire), Nick Diamonds (Islands), Mark Lawson (audio engineer), Richard Parry (upright bass, Arcade Fire), Jamie Thompson (Islands), Becky Foon (cello, A Silver Mt. Zion and Esmerine).
Return to the Sea was re-mastered in England for the European version of the album, and was released there by Rough Trade Records on April 3, 2006. In North America, the album was released on the upstart label Equator Records on April 4, 2006. The cover of the album is one of Caspar David Friedrich's famous paintings, The Wreck of the Hope.
The album features numerous guest appearances, including members of Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade. Two songs, "Flesh" and "Abominable Snow", were released to the public through The Simple Mission in June 2004, though neither appeared on the debut album. "Abominable Snow" had begun life as a song performed live by the Unicorns prior to their breakup.
Return to the Sea has been described by Nick as having "some dancehall influences, some calypso... It's more diverse and sprawling and ambitious" , and is "A bit more mature than The Unicorns... More of a Neil Young / Brian Wilson vibe running through it." [2]

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Porta Potti Bike Crash Covers Guy In Poo

dude is an individual, typically male, particularly somebody well dressed or who has never lived outside a big city.In this case it's a lad covered in shite.

"USA" Chant FAIL!

Shut up you fuckin asshole.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cat and owl playing - Fum & Gebra - Perfect friendship!

Isn't this so cool.  owl and cat

I'm a Snake ( original / official )

I'm a snake ......awesome, not as awesome as Metal_Gear_Solid_3:_Snake_Eater.

Seagull stole GoPro

This is so cool, it looks like a scene from the new harry potter movie, in fact not. Some unsuspecting camera man put his gopro camera down and a crafty seagull snapped it up.

How to avoid getting hit by a train

Very clever black moon studios...touche old chaps.

Try doing this with your pancakes

Would ya look at this pair of mad paki cunts battering and flinging pancakes around the place.

"Winner" Silicone Mask

I must have one of these Charlie Sheen Masks.   winning !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Perform This Way

weird al has been around for as long as I can remember, but as cheesy as he is sometimes you have to hand it to him, he keeps it fresh, his latest song is called born this way’ its a piss take of
 ladygaga. take a look....

"I was really hoping that this blog entry would be all about me announcing the release date of my new album.
Sadly, it’s not.
In a metaphorical nutshell, here’s what happened.
I wrote and recorded what I thought was going to be the first single off of my new album: a parody of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga called “Perform This Way.” But after hearing it, Lady Gaga decided not to give me permission to release the song, so… it won’t be coming out commercially anytime in the near future. Sorry"
weird al.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Broken Social Scene - Cause=Time

 In the late 1990s, broken social scene linchpins Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin met at Toronto's Harris Institute for the Arts. "Kevin came up to me and said, 'You look like a guy who likes Tortoise,'" Spearin recounts in Pitchfork contributor Stuart Berman's BSS oral history This Book Is Broken. "Tortoise was the icebreaker." Fast forward more than a decade and the two musical soul mates are sitting in a big, empty room in Austin's Driskill Hotel, a mere wall away from SXSW's numbing hubbub. They're talking to me about their new album, Forgiveness Rock Record, produced by Tortoise mastermind John McEntire.

The King Khan & BBQ Show - Lonely Boy

The King Khan and BBQ Show...............Lonely+Boy

Built to Spill - Liar

I bought this album many years ago and I still love the song liar by Built to Spill.

Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs [Arcade Fire Cover]

I'm not a huge fan of covers but this version of The_Suburbs by The Arcade_Fire is just great.
Touche mr little jeans. Touche.

Break Dancing Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo

I could have swore I saw this fella as I was driving threw Harlem the other day, Yes folks that was another racist attack. In actual fact the break dancing gorilla from calgary zoo Co.Canada.

Wild Monkey Rips Off Girls Shirt

The last time I saw something like this was at the nyc puerto rican day parade in central park back in 2000. Baboons usually leave their sleeping places around 7 or 8 a.m. After coming down from the cliffs or trees, adults sit in small groups grooming each other while the juveniles play. They then form a cohesive unit that moves off in a column of two or three, walking until they begin feeding. Fanning out, they feed as they move along, often traveling five or six miles a day. They forage for about three hours in the morning, rest during the heat of the day and then forage again in the afternoon before returning to their sleeping places by about 6 p.m. Before retiring, they spend more time in mutual grooming, a key way of forming bonds among individuals as well as keeping the baboons clean and free of external parasites.

Sunday, June 19, 2011