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Monday, July 25, 2011

Those Darlins - "Red Light Love" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

I'm really liking the sound of  /those darlins. If you havn't yet bought the single, then fuckin do so. Download Red Light Love here.

BILLY BRAGG - Milkman of Human Kindness

I first heard this song in John Reailys house in about 1996, it was on a mixed music video. In the video billy bragg was playing at glastonbury music festival, I thought the song was very clever and strange for some one to think of themselves as a milkman let alone a milkman_of_human_kindness.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The aftermath of a black widow

Latrodectus or Black_Widow can cause some horrific infections.

Amy Winehouse Dead

I guess this is what happens when you don't go to rehab. Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her North London home, Sky News is reporting. The Daily Mirorreports that police have confirmed the passing.
The Grammy-winning singer, best known for her hit song, "Rehab," died of an apparent drug overdose. She's battled drug addiction for years, having most recently checked back into rehabilitation in May.
Earlier in the day, Tim Gatt, a Sky News producer, tweeted a statement saying that she was withdrawing from all of her upcoming performances, writing, "Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances. Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Islands - Tender Torture

 In mid-2005 Islands recorded a debut album titled Return to the Sea, which was released in April 2006. The album was recorded in Montreal, Canada, at Breakglass Studio and in Jamie Thompson's bedroom, and was produced by audio engineer/record producer Mark Lawson.
Islands mixing debut album Return to the Sea in Jamie's bedroom. Left to Right: Sarah Neufeld (violin, Arcade Fire), Nick Diamonds (Islands), Mark Lawson (audio engineer), Richard Parry (upright bass, Arcade Fire), Jamie Thompson (Islands), Becky Foon (cello, A Silver Mt. Zion and Esmerine).
Return to the Sea was re-mastered in England for the European version of the album, and was released there by Rough Trade Records on April 3, 2006. In North America, the album was released on the upstart label Equator Records on April 4, 2006. The cover of the album is one of Caspar David Friedrich's famous paintings, The Wreck of the Hope.
The album features numerous guest appearances, including members of Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade. Two songs, "Flesh" and "Abominable Snow", were released to the public through The Simple Mission in June 2004, though neither appeared on the debut album. "Abominable Snow" had begun life as a song performed live by the Unicorns prior to their breakup.
Return to the Sea has been described by Nick as having "some dancehall influences, some calypso... It's more diverse and sprawling and ambitious" , and is "A bit more mature than The Unicorns... More of a Neil Young / Brian Wilson vibe running through it." [2]