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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Latex Fox inflation of a Rubber Raccoon

 strange - Check
 fox.      - Check
 Latex Fox inflation of a Rubber Raccoon - Check !!!!!!
Say no more.... MAD !!!

"I'm Fat and Nobody Likes Me"- Chair


The Love Language - Lalita

the love language is Stuart McLamb (electric guitar, vocals), Jordan McLamb (percussion, vocals), Missy Thangs (keyboard, vocals), Justin Rodermond (bass guitar, vocals), BJ Burton (Electric guitar, vocals) and I love them !!!! buy cd's and go see them please.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds/Gary Coleman

While it became expected, it’s still very sad. Gary_Coleman long out lived his projected life expectancy. Who knows, had he been happier in life maybe he would have gotten more work and perhaps lived longer. Have you have a nice time in heaven with the rest of the Munchkins. Hope you enjoy the song.

Thee Oh Sees - 'I Was Denied'

Rock Out Cock Out Thee_Oh_Sees
Thee Oh Sees (formerly The Ohsees, OCS, Orange County Sound, Orinoka Crash Suite) began as a outlet forJohn Dwyer (of CoachwhipsPink and BrownLandedYikesBurmeseThe HospitalsZeigenbock Kopf) to release his instrumental, experimental home recordings. Over the course of several albums the project evolved into a full band. Go see them soon in jolly old England.

Jun 1 20108:00P
Deaf InstituteManchester, UK
Jun 2 20108:00P
Clunnynew castle, GB
Jun 3 20108:00P
Captains RestGlasgow, Scotland , GB
Jun 4 20108:00P
Leeds Brudenellleeds, GB
Jun 5 20108:00P
LuminaireLondon, GB

The Whitest Boy Alive - Don't Give Up

the whites boy alive started as an electronic dance music project in 2003 in Berlin, but have since slowly developed into a band with no programmed elements. Their German record label is Bubbles. Their debut album Dreams was released on June 21, 2006 in Germany. In July 2007, Modular Records signed them to their UK imprint and the band played their first UK performance with New Young Pony Club at the London Astoria in September 2007. The album was released in the UK with the single Burning in November 2007. The band released their second album Rules in March 2009. It was recorded in a newly built studio located on Punta BurrosNayaritMexico

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

A theres a happy young one !!

Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

Tokyo_Police_Club are a Canadian indie rock band from Newmarket, Ontario, consisting of singerand bassist Dave Monks, keyboardist Graham Wright, guitarist Josh Hook, and drummer Greg Alsop. They formed in 2005 while playing for fun in a basement after the four had disbanded from a previous group called Suburbia.

Jun 29 20108:00P
Prospect Park Bandshell (with Passion Pit)Brooklyn, New York , US
Jun 30 20108:00P
Governor’s Island (with Passion Pit)Manhattan, New York , US

00 Feckin 7. License To Paint. CUNTS !!

So the other day i'm painting away like no ones business, happy as larry on a lovely sunny day and next thing I was approached by this Lizard looking man. Me being a friendly type chap said "hello" or "well" or whatever I said. He then produced a Government I.D from underneath his ugly feckin lizard man T-shirt.

He sez "we are doing random checks around the area, do you have a Painting Licence" ?
Sez I    " What.... No, Whats a painting License"
He sez " you need to have a licence to paint an exterior of a house"
Sez I   "really, are you messing"
He sez " No !! You are breaking the law and you have to leave the job now"

So he then asked for my insurance, business name, driving license and so on. So he heads back into his poxy truck and leaves me standing there like an egit. Then he arrives back still with his lizards head on.

He Sez " here you go" and handed me a pile of papers
Sez i    " whats this "
He sez " it's a ticket for $1000.00 for not having a painting license and you have to go to court in June, but before that you need to fill out all the paper work and get your painting license"

Well  look i'm so pissed off that I can't even continue to write this so i'll let you know what happens Tuesday after the test.. CUNTS !!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Junkyard Dov

JUNK yard dog..................YouTube announced today that 2 billion people every day look at a YouTube video clip. 2 billion,  WOW !!!!!!!!

The Fabulous He Man

Ah we all remember Adam from the old he-man cartoons but did you know he had a super fabulous double life.
It's and you will see.  ( give it about one and a half minutes in for the fabulousness )

Dozey Trainspotter

This guy nearly got a first class ticket right to Jesus's front door step, nearly out of luck, nearly out of options.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Half Pint Brawlers!

Ah yeah...Half Pint Brawlers" is a new unscripted series which chronicles "the often-absurd yet astonishing wild adventures" of a group of "self-proclaimed hardcore little person wrestlers."

Alexi Murdoch "Orange Sky" Vinyl Fever-Tampa, FL

A beautiful tune by alexi murdoch from the 2006 album Time Without Consequence. Not to be confused with Alexei_Sayle  theEnglish stand-up comedianactor and author. Sayle was a central part of the alternative comedy circuit in the early 1980s. He was voted 18th on a list of the 100 Greatest Stand Ups in a poll for Channel 4.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fol Chen - 'In Ruins'

Fol_Chen are  a musical group from Los Angeles signed to Asthmatic Kitty records. I think they are really cool but every time I hear the tune I always am reminded of the girl stripping in the house party scene of the movie Trading_Places starring Dan_Aykroyd and Eddie_Murphy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Atlas sound - Doctor (Five Discs cover) -

Hungry for more sun-dappled soundscapes to bathe in during the peak of summer? Here's the latest: Atlas Sound's "Walkabout", from the forthcoming album Logos, due out October 20 on Kranky. (That's the cover up there, via the Fader.) Bradford Cox collaborated with Animal Collective's Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear) on the track, which would have fit right in with the blissed-out Brian Wilsonisms of Panda Bear's Person Pitch.


I cant stop watching this...Blueberries  blue....bam !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

4th Gen Iphone Appears In Vietnam

The 4th-generation-iphone showed up again but this time in Vietnam of all places. Some bodies head is gonna roll when steve-jobs gets a hold of them and crush's them with his skinny hands. It appears to say "Inferno" on the screen with some text on the bottom that indicates the battery life is at 24%. It's hard to say for sure, but it could represent some sort of firmware diagnostics that we have previously seen on prototype iPhone hardware. This one appears to be called "Bonfire!".

The morning benders - boarded doors (official video)

The latest from the morning benders "Boarded Doors" from their new album "talking through tin cans,"  I gotta say i'm not feeling it as much as excuses. I like it but not a lot as Paul Daniel used to say. Where are you Paul_Daniel and your beautiful assistant Debbie_McGee. Maybe on a beach perhaps ?? I think so you dirty whores.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lady Gaga Hits Ardee

Yes folks it's true Lady gaga has made her way across the world to go fishing in Mentrim Lake. Seen here with some undisclosed mystery fat cat. When asked was she having a good time in County Louth Lady Gaga replied
"yes I am, I've never caught this many Bream ever. Most of the time it's always pike I catch" as she drank from a bottle of Buckfast, She was then asked what did she think about the black priest in Ardee ? " I think it's great" she replied "although I found it hard to understand him at the 9.30 mass".She also added that "the place for getting the maggots in carrickmacross is a god send as I never would have caught all the bream with just worms". So thats it we left Gaga after that so not to be disturbed by paparazzi.   All we here is Radio_Ga_Ga !!!!!!!

Young boy (Michael Greyson) sings Paparazzi better than Gaga.

The 12-year old, 6th grade boy wonder, greyson-michael Chance, sang Paparazzi of Lady_Gaga during their recital in school. His Youtube video of this performance has already hit more than 1 million views. He became the latest sensation now in the world wide web. During their recital, the emcee has told everyone that Chance could “teach Lady Gaga a lesson.” I dont think so..Gaga looks pretty good in her skimpy clothes. NICE !

Hero dog saves another after it was hit in the highway.

This video is why everybody should have a dog !!

"Leave the scene behind" The Wave Pictures ("Los Conciertos de Radio 3", 18-11-09

I bloody love this track from the London band of egits The wave picturesThe Wave Pictures are despairingly good. Despairingly because they don't have a huge following who send them flowers, photographs and knickers. They should.
They are brilliant. You will be hearing from these likely lads.

Let Me Know - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

If you are a yeah yeah yeahs fan this could be a cool event.
Cocktails at seven o’clock
Supper at eight o’clock
After-Party from nine to midnight

Featuring a performance by Karen O and Nick Zinner
of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, with special guests
Music by Mister Saturday Night (Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter) 

MoMA - The Party in the Garden

MoMA - The Party in the Garden11 West 53 St10019New York, NY

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best Emerging Irish Rock Band WIN at IMTV Awards

I've been playing this tune by Bowlegged since last year, they recently won best emerging Irish rock band at the irish music television awards. The IMTV Video Music Awards are a music awards show recognising the creative endeavours and talents of filmmakers in creating music videos for Irish bands, musicians and DJs. Aiming to encourage Irish bands to collaborate with video directors and producers, combining these two art forms and reinforce a visual presence of Irish Music both online and on TV.

Twix Java

Today I had the pleasure of eating one of these lovely twix java bars. Delicious !!