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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Cribs - Bastards Of Young [The Replacements Cover]

The Cribs are an English 4-piece indie rock band from WakefieldWest Yorkshire. The band consist of twins Gary andRyan Jarman and their younger brother Ross Jarman. Recently they have been joined by ex-The Smiths and Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr who has been made a formal member of the group since 2008. The band, who first became active on the concert circuit in 2002, were initially tied to other like-minded UK bands of that time, most notably The Libertines, by a British music press that were looking for a 'British rearguard' to the wave of popular US indie rock bands of the time. In 2008, Q magazine described the band as "The biggest cult band in the UK".

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966)

Nancy is Frank Sinatra's daughter. She had a string of hits from 1966-1968, and appeared in several movies, including Speedway with Elvis Presley. All aboard the vein cane.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Boba Fetish

Pug sings Batman theme.

Hilarious !!!

Taken By Trees - "My Boys"

In November 2009, a cover version of Guns N' Roses hit "Sweet Child o' Mine" was used in a UK TV commercial for the department store John Lewis. It was announced that the version would be released as their next UK single. It was also used in the promotional trailers for the 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left.

Best Coast - Boyfriend

I must admit that I didnt like best-coast at first but now I am beginning to like her more and more..go on ya hoer ya !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Were Promised Jetpacks - Conductor

We Were Promised Jetpacks is an indie rock band from EdinburghScotland, comprising Adam Thompson (vocals, guitar), Michael Palmer (guitar), Sean Smith (bass) and Darren Lackie (drums). The band's debut album,These Four Walls, was released on 15 June 2009 on Fat Cat Records.
The band cites label mates Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad as influences, alongside Biffy Clyro's early material.  Thanks David Cook !!

Woman crushes a watermelon with her legs

A real crowd pleaser was Tara !

Frog Legs Dancing With A Little Salt

OMG !!!

OMC - How Bizarre

Ah I could just as well be in the Oasis Night Club now, OMC, or Otara Millionaires Club, was a music group from AucklandNew Zealand best known for their 1996 hit "How Bizarre" which was named as one of the greatest New Zealand songs of all time by the Australasian Performing Right Association. The full name of the band is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Otara's status as one of the poorest suburbs of Auckland.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kitten suckles air *ORIGINAL*

Local Natives go acoustic for ITN with Airplanes

So today I'm up at 6am dropping of a load of painting stuff in Manhattan and my shoulder and arm is just in tatters ( Thanks MS ) I can't describe the pain but it's far from cool, even with the pain killers it is still a bitch.
But as I was nearly back home this tune airplanes by local natives came on the radio so I blasted up the sound and as I listened and sang along in my head I realized that I didn't feel the pain for three or four minutes. Thanks local natives.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Modest Mouse - The World At Large

I've been a fan of modest mouse the nine year now and this tune "float on" would Mos_Def be me fave. Good_News_for_People_Who_Love_Bad_News is the album where this tune can be found.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Fast Cat Attacks - Jedi Ninja Cat

Rye Rye - Bang ft. M.I.A.

Rye Rye is the stage name of Ryeisha Berrain, an American rapper from BaltimoreMarylandUnited States. She met the musician Blaqstarr, a friend of her sister's, and worked with him on her early material. She met M.I.A. in a studio after M.I.A. overheard one of her songs.

Kid Cudi, and Best Coast - All Summer (Converse Exclusive)

bethany-cosentino better known as best-coast has joined up with Kid_Cudi and Rostam_Batmanglij to bring us one of those summer anthems that I just love. POLE OUT, ROLE OUT !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meath vs Louth Leinster SFC Final Controversial Goal and Attacks on Referee

ROTTON !!!!!!!  It was like a goal I would have scored in primary school.

Referee Attacked after Meath V Louth Leinster Final - The Goal, The Incident and The Analysis

Louth where robbed today in the Leinster final with a shite decision by the referee, as a result the referee gets a few clatters on his way of the field. That's not right either but what a disastrous day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Books "A Cold Freezin' Night" Video

Mad video, Mad it !!!!  The Books are an American music duo, formed in New York City in 1999, consisting of guitarist and vocalist Nick Zammuto and cellist Paul de Jong. Their releases contain a combination of electronic music and folk, typically incorporating samples of obscure sounds and speech.[1][2] They have released three critically-acclaimed albums on the German label Tomlab, and are currently preparing for the release of their latest studio album, The Way Out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Japandroids - Younger Us

japandroids was formed in 2006, and comprises Brian King on guitar and David Prowse on drums. The two met at the University of Victoria, where King studiedscience and Prowse anthropology.[4] They originally intended to find a third member to act as lead vocalist, but later decided to forego having a specific lead singer and simply share vocal duties. The name Japandroids came from two other band name ideas: Japanese Scream (from Prowse) and Pleasure Droids (from King).[5] Occasionally they will spell it without vowels, as JPNDRDS.

food crush bare banana

To think some people get a kick out of this, I think it is too funny !! lol

LIndsay Lock Up

Poor Lindsay_Lohan is getting locked up in two weeks for three months, bless. She had Fuck U painted on her finger nail while appearing in court the other day. Go on ya mad whore, you are still lovely !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Devendra Banhart 'Little Yellow Spider'

What a fantastic original song from Devendra_BanhartDevendra Obi Banhart (born May 30, 1981) is a singer-songwriter and visual artist. Banhart was born in Houston,Texas and was raised by his mother in Venezuela, until he returned to California as a teenager. He began to study at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1998, but dropped out to perform music in Europe, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Banhart released his debut album in 2002, continuing to record his material on the Young God and XLlabels, as well as other work on compilations and collaborations.

"Lalita" - The Love Language

Ah yes the love language, still up there in my top five tunes of this year with LalitaLalita sahasranama is a sacred Hindu text for the worshippers of the Goddess Lalita Devi, i.e. the Divine Mother, in the form of her and the male gods' feminine power, Shakti. Lalita is the Goddess of bliss, an epithet for Parvati. Etymologically, "Lalita" means "She Who Plays". It is supposedly one of the most complete stotras, one need only recite it to gain total salvation.

Cardboard Warfare

Pretty awesome Short_film by cbe-films if I do say so meself. Bravo bravo.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday - Girls Fm

Yes Yes Yes...happy_birthday.

Rubberbandits,Bag of Glue (Official Video) HD

Give the vid about a minute for the funniest song of the year..

Rubberbandits,Bag of Glue (Official Video) HD.   DEADLY !!!!

Up the Ra - Rubber Bandits

.The_Rubberbandits Primarily a stage act, they have performed throughout Ireland, at such events as The Electric Picnic[1] and the Bulmers International Comedy Festival,[2] and have played with The Alabama Three,[3] Super Extra Bonus Party[4] and Ice Cube.[5] Their music is primarily distributed through the internet, or by bootleg discs, although a number of their tracks have been issued on a limited edition eponymous album.
Thanks James

Haircut 100 - Love Plus One

Love this tune by Haircut_100Haircut 100 were a British pop group formed in 1980 by Nick Heyward. The band had four UK Top 10 hit singles between 1981-82, including "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" and "Love Plus One". I was only three when the band formed, isn't that just mad.

Ferdia Times

Ardee, quiet, peaceful, tractors, Seamus Farrelly, just an average day you might think but no !!!!


These are just a few of the hard hitting topics that can only be found at, the latest breaking news from Ardee that you don't see in the pictures. The gritty truth that only somebody from the streets can bring you, somebody thats connected, somebody in touch, somebody in side enemy lines, thats right, Billy Leavy. So I suggest going to                                                                                            You may think you know, but you aint got no Thats Right. !!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Real Estate - Beach Comber

Driving to the doctor the other day with mad muscle pain in my back and all down my left arm this song by Real_Estate came on the radio and as much as I was in discomfort I still found myself lashing the radio up and I was in a good frame of mind for another while, thus proving music is fuckin fantastic.

Male Bonding - Year's Not Long

male bonding is a term that is used in ethologysocial science, and in general usage to describe patterns of friendship and/or cooperation in men (or in the case of ethology: males of various species). The exact meaning of the term differs across contexts.
The band are alright too.

Jay Reatard - My Shadow

Nob Out, Bob Out !!!!!!!!!!!!! Jay_Reatard !!!!