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Monday, January 31, 2011

Benny Hinn - Dark Lord of the Sith

benny hinn is one of those douche bag Pastors that claims he can heal people and can knock them senseless with the power of the lord, but some genius turned him into a Sith_Lord.

Smith Westerns - All Die Young

I feckin love the smith westerns and this latest track is just awesome...check it out, Dye It Blonde is the new album and it came out on January 18 on Fat Possum. You've already heard the BNT'd first track "Weekend", and now you can hear the morbidly titled, epic-sounding album cut "All Die Young" above. Enjoy !!

Knife Cave - HOT NEW Commercial, Can you Brave the Cave!!!!

1 Big Boob's
4 Really bad effects
5 Bad Heavy metal_music

Five key elements needed to make a really shite ad. Can you Brave her cave ?
Check out the cave..............

Nintendo 3DS First Look

I only ever had the Super Nintendo and the first Game_Boy but I think I may have to get the new nintendo 3ds. I'm dying to see will the 3D actually look good, I've heard that it does but onlookers won't catch the 3D effect as you need to be facing the screen to witness the 3D'ness of the 3Ds.
Pre order here ...........

Mexican Table And Chair

Mexican In Chair 

The other day whilst walking down katonah ave in the bronx I came across these two egit's of Mexican's who had cleverly made a chair and and table from a giant block of snow.Even when there was snow on the ground these spanish yahoo's still had a place to rest.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New road skating fun - HQ

It's disneys latest creation "pakis on ice"

Boba Fetish

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, aliens had some of the weirdest fetishes. Take for instance, the peculiar boba-fetish, which we can see demonstrated here. It might upset you, but it's definitely for real. Prepare thyself for the thrill of the bounty hunter.

Incredibly Sexy Amazon Supermodel Eve Extended Video

At 2 meters and 5 centimeters, Eve may be an incredibly tall, but she’s also incredibly hot. 
Eve, a successful American model and the tallest model in the world will grace the cover of zoo weekly an Australian men’s magazine, with her extraordinary physique. This the first time a woman of her size appears on the front of such a publication and to better show off her tallness, she posed beside a 1.62 meters-tall Australian model.

Stormtrooper Tracksuit.

 The fresh pick from the adidas originals x Star Wars SS2011 collection doesn’t really leave anyone cold. Whether you’re a fan of star wars, adidas or leather jackets one should suit you. Also if you are a total nerd and dont care about looking like a tool this is the track suit for you.

Taco Bell Fires Back Over Beef Lawsuit

I have to say that I like taco bell every once in a while. I know it's not the best thing in the world to eat but is any fast food ? NO I don't think so.  I think taco bell's "thank you for suing us" campaign is a kick in the balls to all who say it's only got % 35 beef. Like when Monica_Lewinsky was eating bill clinton she didn't complain about only % 35 beef, she just ate away and enjoyed it, probably felt a bit sick an hour or two later but none the less she enjoyed it.

Ween--Push th' Little Daisies

Classic early ninties music by ween. I dunno if I love it or hate it, but I do remember it nearly twenty years later, I would say that that is a hit. If you're unfamiliar with Dean and Gene Ween's peculiar brand of music, it's definitely worth checking out.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Juice Drinking Lizard

Ah would ya look at the lizard drinking out of the Juice Box, wait til he hear's about capri sun, he's gonna freak out.

Here Comes The Neighborhood - The So So Glos (TWHP Session)

The So So Glos are a Punk influenced Rock and Roll Band from the Bay_Ridge,_Brooklyn neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Two of the band members are brothers and one is a step-brother. In 2008 they co-founded the market hotell venue with promoter Todd P. They have toured excessively in the United States and canada and have opened for …trail of dead and The Virgins in Europe. 

Drug Catapult: Video of Mexican smugglers sending pot across US border

Mexicans seen here in this video clip using a catapult to fire marijuana accross the u.s border. And people say they are stupid, no just a little bit behind the times. In June and July of 1191, richard_lionheart (the Duke of Normandy) laid siege to the city of Acre as part of the medieval Crusades. He used the catapult to smash through the opposition but that was a long time Mexicans. This is 2011 man, we are supposed to have the flying car not flying weed.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Uncharted (working title) Sony NGP Reveal Trailer

Just Introduced last night hot from japan, It's sonys second generation psp, The ngpIt's actually codenamed NGP and will revolve around five key concepts: Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location-based Entertainment, Converging Real and Virtual (augmented) Reality. It will be compatible with the PlayStation Suite and is backwards-compatible with downloadable PSP games and content from Sony's PlayStation Store. It has a touch screen, 3g, WIFI, can play PS3 looking games and I want it. It will not be out until fall of 2011 so cry away, you will just have to wait.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peter, Bjorn and John - Breaker, Breaker

I'm glad to see peter bjorn and john back in action and with as much success as Young Folks. They are playing ........................

Thursday January 27 :th - 8pm
Santos Party House (Downstairs)
96 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10013

Sandwich With a PUNCH

When your big brother tells you not to do something you should listen, or you can get a wollop in the face.

TONETTA - Glory Day

Weird and all as it is, I cant help find it catchy. Glory Days by tonetta. In case you couldn't catch the lyrics...................

" with My dick in his mouth
 and me lovin it, hey guys what can I say
 It's a glory day"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girl Crashes BMX On Lake Shore

When will girls just stop using objects with wheels. It never works out well, Not unless said object is a shopping_trolley with food for a man........ah snap women !!!

Modest Mouse - Out of Gas

Ah how I love modest mousemodest mouse is an American Indie rock band formed in 1993 in Issaquah, Washington by singer/lyricist/guitarist Isaac Brock, drummer Jeremiah Green, and bassist Eric Judy. They are based in Portland, Oregon.[1] Since their 1996 debut album, This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About, their lineup has centered around Brock, Green and Judy. Guitarist Johnny Marr (formerly of The Smiths) joined the band in May 2006, along with percussionist Joe Plummer (formerly of the Black Heart Procession) and multi-instrumentalist Tom Peloso, to work on the album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.

Judge Rules White Girl Will Be Tried As Black Adult The Onion America's Finest News Source

Awesome job the onion network. The court ruled a white teen who stabbed a classmate to death will face the jury as a 300-pound black man. Nice. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well you really have to be one lazy whore if you need a hatch on the back of your pants so you can take a dump without removing your clothes.
forever laz• Comes in Four Stylish Colors 
• Available in Sizes that Fit the Whole Family
• Your Hands and Feet Can Stay Free
• Made of 100% Anti-Pill Polar Fleece
• Has Zippered Hatches in Front and Back,
   for Great Escapes When Duty Calls

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seamas just wants to be famous

Oh My God this lad is absolutely brilliant, from Ladysbridgcork ?

FRED: 9 Pogo Stick Backflips FAIL!

Pretty dam cool fred but your supposed to stay on the pogo stick numb nuts.

Some Lads Bike

While driving up E-235th St in the Bronx  the other day the snow had started melting to reveal some lads bike. I guess he wont be leaving his bike out in the snow next year the stupid egit.


No words can describe a baby doing the Stanky leg dance.

Ducktails - Killin' the vibe

 Im really digging ducktailsReal_Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile has a little side project going, , and he’s about to release an associated album.
Now, for the sake of said ears, please enjoy “Killing the Vibe” featuring Panda_Bear. Yes, that Panda_Bear, the dude from animal collective who put out the Brian Wilson homage/surfiest golldern album ever a few years ago.

The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like

The_Waitresses experimental new wave band which was formed in the early 1980's. The band was from Kent, ohio, United States. Chris Butler was the leader of the band and Patty Donahue was the lead vocalist for the band. The band only existed from 1981 to 1983 and their most popular song was, i know what boys like. Oh yeah, well I know what I like too !!!!

Man gets hit by ice cream van haha that'll teach ya

Big black dumb ass gets hit by an ice cream truck.

Cat Hates Justin Bieber

Even pussy's don't like justin bieber.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


american idol started last night and even with the new judges I am still addicted. jennifer lopezsteven tyler and the dog Randy_Jackson didn't appeal to me at first but they are growing on me. It's the usual old shite but you gotta love it. Look at this mad japanese cunt doing the miley cyrus song Party_in_the_U.S.A. I told you a million times them japs are stone mad.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Record Stores

I always loved going into record stores years ago, The smell of new plastic and the ocasional smell of a fart done by myself, the sounds,video games, millions of cd's..........but as much as I love the internet it did feck up a lot of stuff, example.... Hardly any record stores any more because everybody likes to buy music online or find there music on awesome sites like But I came accross this great site called It lists a ton of music stores all over the world but yet none it feckin Ireland.I am linking in the link section of the blog. When I was home last year I made a trip to a record store in dublin called mojos records in temple bar and i must say the owner was an interesting character with his big lovely hair.

Cloud Nothings - "Can't Stay Awake"

cloud nothings is Dylan Baldi, a 19-year-old from cleveland that creates music his buddies would probably call outdated, if only for the fact that it hearkens back to a time when record stores were relevant. His interpretation of power-pop is not without its modern traits, but overall the result is one of throwback excellence in finding comfort in a sound where repetition is allowed – if not encouraged – when it bears worth repeating

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleater Kinney - One More Hour

One of my most fave tunes by sleater kinney. It is a shame that they split up back in 2006. But you should check out  the lead singer of Sleater Kinny's solo project the corin-tucker band.

Guy Faceplants Off Tiny Deck And Remains Cool

When will silly humans ever fully evolve. Will this guy ever fully remove his Skin of the concrete ? No on both counts.

Take me somewhere, by Tennis

What's perhaps strangest about tennis story is the band's collision with The_Hype_Machine. It has may be five or six songs floating around the Internet. Both of its 7-inch records are sold-out. Because of the band's limited exposure, it has been lumped in with surferblood, bestcoast and others.

The Ardee Races

The ardee races took place In Boggers bar over the weekend,  Paudy Bradley is jockeying for position.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The The - This is the day

The The is an alternative/new wave band formed in 1979 in London, England. Matt Johnson (vocals, multiple instruments) is the only constant band member. Releases are fairly few and far between but over the years The The has managed to sell several million albums internationally.

The Clash-Rudie Can't Fail

From their earliest days as a band, The clash stood apart from their peers with their musicianship, as well as their lyrics; the passionate, left-wing political idealism in the lyrics by frontman Joe Strummer and guitarist Mick Jones contrasted with the nihilism of theSex Pistols and the simplicity of the Ramones. Their 1979 album London Calling is considered by critics as one of the greatest albums in the history of music; Rolling Stone declared it the best album of the 1980s, even though it was released near the end of 1979 (technically, Jan 1980, in the United States).


In 1986, having recorded two John Peel sessions, the The_Housemartins broke through with the single "Happy Hour", which reached #3 in the UK Singles Chart. The single's success was helped by a claymation animated pop promo of a type that was in vogue at the time, featuring a cameo by television comedian Phill Jupitus, who toured with the band under his stage name of 'Porky the Poet'.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Joke - Mental Institution

My local mental institution's football team won 3-0 last night. 

All 3 goals were scored by headers.

                                                                         Thank's Foscal

Joke - The Simpsons

"I've some trouble with my hearing, doc"

"Can you describe the symptoms?

""Sure.. marge has blue hair, and homer is fat".

                                                                   Thank's Foscal.

The Fast and the Molar-less - MXin75

Whatever he's having i'll have two please. Some wonderful drugs from everybody's favorite...The_Dentist makes this lad thinks he's nigel mansell.