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Monday, August 31, 2009

Charlie The Giant Dog

At work there is a dog called Charlie, a giant dog ! He is only ten months old and gonna get bigger. In the picture Charlie is up on the couch in the basement while we rest after lunch. He is very friendly and a big soft whore.

Can't See The Forrest For The Trees

Dicky - Woodstock

Women want him, men don't ! But one more of the spectacular things the great Dicky has done was started the festival we all wanted to be at,Woodstock. In the sixty's Dicky started out his musical career by jamming in the streets. He had a lot of success in the square in Ardee and could afford anything his heart desired, but that simply wasn't enough.
Dicky wanted to bring music to the world and hitched a ride to Clogherhead where he was stowed away a local fishing boat.
Many weeks later and wreaking of rotten fish Dicky arrived in the small port of Woodstock. There where many similarity's to Ardee which made Dicky comfortable and he started to busk on the streets. Slowly but surly the smell of rotten fish had disappeared and the smell of fresh fish surrounded him as woman dropped at the sight of the glowing Adonis that stood playing the guitar before them. Word spread fast about the Ardee native and swarms of people came from across the length and breathe of the land they call America. Soon the little town of Woodstock was filled with hundreds of thousands of people including musicians such as Jimmy Hendrix and Richie Havens.
So you can put the creation of Woodstock down on the list of fantastic things Dicky
has done. In the picture above we see Dicky and some unknown broad in the fields surrounding the stage at Woodstock....You Go Dicky

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tony Soprano The Baker

When Tony Soprano changed his Career from mafia man to baker what was the first thing he did when he woke up ?????

He woke up in the morning and got himself a bun.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - LIVE - Cabron (EXCLUSIVE!!!)

The title is a profane Spanish word that translates literally to "Large Goat."
Funnily enough the song is about having a relationship in a gang-run neighborhood.
Go on back under the bridge ya egit ya !!

Magic Poop Collector

Holy fuck, my mind is baffled with the complete shite that poeple put out these days ( pardon the pun). Its just sick to me, If you want the privilage of having a dog for your pet, pick up the shit you wankers.

The Cure Acoustic Close To Me

Ah The Cure, like em, hate em, I dont give a shit. "Close to Me" is a 1985 single by The Cure from their album The Head on the Door. The song was used as the theme music for the BBC sitcom The Smoking Room and is the song I like the most from the goth egits.

Liam Lynch: United States of Whatever

Liam Lynch is best known for his stint with Matt Crocco as MTV's favorite sock puppets on The Sifl and Olly Show.By his early twenties, Lynch was already a published poet and writer. He'd spent time in music publishing and working in studios in Nashville. At 26, Lynch was making shop in England. While in Liverpool, Lynch was one of 40 musicians chosen from around the world to study at the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. One of Sifl and Olly's most popular songs, "United States of Whatever," started reappearing on the request charts on L.A.'s KROQ after a fan had leaked the tune from a U.K. import.
Enjoy United States of Whatever !!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

Oasis performing Don't Look Back In Anger at Slane 09, feckin brilliant.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

Myself enjoying meeting random people and drinking Gin from a plastic bottle, Go on ya knacker.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

The massive turnout at the gig was out of control, we weren't even asked for tickets. Word spread that it was easy to attend and instead of eighty thousand I believe it was about one hundred and fifteen thousand. Two hours to get a beer, crazy !

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

Fun times after necking a load of Gin.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

On the streets anything goes.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

Some poor unfortunate lad missing an eye.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

The brothers Mc Cague "Skinny and Dagwood" go mental as soon as we enter Slane.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

The lovely Moonan sisters, only for Kate sneaking in a two litre bottle of gin we all would have been parched with the thirst.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

I'm saying nothing Mr Sharkey, no need to. Leave it to the pigs hey.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

Some of the poor victims from Slane, musta been on the lash all day.

Slane Concert 09 - Oasis

Here is me and me best pal Skinny with some random chick that jumped into the pic, Love her T-shirt.

Coconut Records "West Coast"

Coconut Records "West Coast" featuring Mark Gonzales was the first ever video I put on the blog and yet another of my favourites.

Johnny Cash Hurt

Probably the most powerful music video I have ever seen, poor Johnny ! (February 26, 1932–September 12, 2003)

Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl - Silly Walks

My favourite sketch from The Hollywood Bowl, especially the clip at the end and Mrs Two Lumps.

I've Got Two Legs (Monty Python)

Short but sweet, I sang this to my self for years, catchy as feck.

Monty Python - Silly Olimpiad

The classic sketch from Monty Pythons "Live At The Hollywood Bowl". It brings me back to the good auld days in John "Giles" Reilly's smokin funny fags.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crazy Cavan Farmer

It's hard to understand what the farmer is saying but it doesn't matter, it's feckin funny. I think he is trying to get one cow into the shed and one through the gate.

Britain's Got Talent / Stavros Flatley - Britain's Got Talent

I'm sure half the world have seen this masterpiece of British T.V but for those who havn't, enjoy.


I put this tune up many months ago but I think it is over due another play.


No Age - Eraser

The Los Angeles duo consisting of drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall is many things at once even as it embraces its minimalism. No Age are deadly, keep an eye out.

St Vincent - "Actor Out Of Work"

St. Vincent is Annie Clark, born in Tulsa, OK,
She makes cinematic pop epics that feel at times like Paris in the '20s before all the fun ended. Or, conversely, an orchestra of pure modernity--a new American music, informed by jazz, gospel blues, Southern folk music, and classical composition but--in the end--an animal original unto itself. Go on ya whore ya.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Turtles Pumpimg

All sounds are real and the shell is really hard.

So Your Cat Wants A Massage?

Ah Yes, one of middle Americas finest.

Holy Holy Family

Holy Holy Fuck. I'm speechless. Go On Ardee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Danger And The Green Goblin

Blue Danger And The Green Goblin take a five minute break from painting. What better place to have a sit down than a dumpster.

Black Death

The evil Black Death enjoys some fries at lunch time.

Blue Danger And The Green Goblin

Blue Danger gets his revenge on The Green Goblin with a Dewalt Saw to the neck. With one foul swoop of the saw Blue Danger Spills The Green Goblins guts all over the ground. Blue Danger leaves the guts there for the buzzards and worms to eat.

Blue Danger And The Green Goblin

Blue Danger And The Green Goblin collide in the pulse pounding bout that led to Blue Danger getting destroyed in Cabot Solid Wood Stain.

Blue Danger And The Green Goblin

Before Blue Danger And The Green Goblin get ready for a hard days work painting in one hundred degree heat they pose for the paparazzi. Thus proving Mexican wrastlers have hearts too.

Irish Mexican Painter Dancing

The Green Goblin (Brian Cassidy) from The Stoney Grey Soil Of Monaghan dances!
Unfortunately I cant turn the video. It's short but sweet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

City Slickers.

Quite the sexy sign for a hair dressers, maybe Gerry Farrell should have gotten a sign like this.

Cool Clouds Over Chciago.

I took this picture from the plane going to Chicago, pretty cool.

Snuggie for Dogs

You seen the Snuggie blanket for humanoids, now you can make your pet look stupid too.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Animal Collective - My Girls

I'm pretty much done with dance music these days, but when something like Animal Collectives My Girls comes along I cant help but remember the good old days in the Oasis in Carrick and the great times I used to have.
Animal Collective were formed in Baltimore County, MD, by longtime friends and musical collaborators Avey Tare (David Porter), Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Deakin (Josh Dibb), and Geologist (Brian Weitz).
The Collective released their debut album, Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished (originally titled Avey Tare and Panda Bear) in 2000 on their own Animal imprint. It was the first in a pair of captivating releases. I
I love the "bring OUt The Gimp" video.

Elephant Butt Sex

The video says it all. Dig deep my friend, dig deep.

Palm Pre Commercial Ad Juggler in the Park


The Fat Controller

I think its a shame that things have become so P.C these days, a good example is
"The Fat Controller" from Thomas The Tank Engine, he is now called "Sir Topham Hatt".
I see the point of the whole thing but really it's not that deep. Lighten up gee bags!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ardee Man Rides Segway

While on our trip to Chicago one of the things we did was a segway tour.
Although looking like a complete asshole and feeling like a gimp wearing luminous headgear it is well worth while. We got to see a lot of the city which wouldn't have been possible walking because of the distance.
The segway has a top speed of twelve mph and at a cost of five thousand dollars it will be a long time before I get one.
I couldn't help but think that if you equipped the segway with some big tires it would be a great way to round up the cows.
The video was taken in the training area and I seem to have got the swing of it pretty easily.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to my World - Leonard Hatrick

Ah it brought a tear to me eye like a severe kick in the balls. Look out Susan Boyle.
Thanks Keith Courtney for finding the secret gem that is Leonard Hatrick. A gold star on your collar for you. Good chap !

An Horse - Camp Out (Official Music Video)

An Horse not well horse. Late last year An Horse recorded their debut EP Not Really Scared with famed producer Magoo. It's available now.


Old school, new age hippys, scallywags, knackers, theatrical gippos, whatever you wanna call them EDWARD SHARPE & The Magnetic Zeros are feckin deadly musicians. Kitchy and catchy, I like it !

Me and Scott Hardkiss

A couple of months ago I was doing a job for Scott Hardkiss in Brooklyn, I didn't know to much about him at the time but it turns out he is like the grandaddy of the dance music scene, he has been moving dance floors as one of America’s most beloved DJ/producers for years. "Technicolor Dreamer" is his highly-anticipated debut full-length album of original material, a perfect mix of electronic dance grooves with live vocal and instrumental hooks which takes his sound to the next level. Scott steps out from behind the turntables to handle vocals and instruments and brings together a kaleidoscopic spectrum of artists and genres to make a celebratory dance-pop funk-fest. We got an invite to the release of his new album last week at Arrow Bar downtown and a great time was had by all except there was now Tayto being served. The new album is awesome. Go and buy it ya cuncha !!