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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Me and Scott Hardkiss

A couple of months ago I was doing a job for Scott Hardkiss in Brooklyn, I didn't know to much about him at the time but it turns out he is like the grandaddy of the dance music scene, he has been moving dance floors as one of America’s most beloved DJ/producers for years. "Technicolor Dreamer" is his highly-anticipated debut full-length album of original material, a perfect mix of electronic dance grooves with live vocal and instrumental hooks which takes his sound to the next level. Scott steps out from behind the turntables to handle vocals and instruments and brings together a kaleidoscopic spectrum of artists and genres to make a celebratory dance-pop funk-fest. We got an invite to the release of his new album last week at Arrow Bar downtown and a great time was had by all except there was now Tayto being served. The new album is awesome. Go and buy it ya cuncha !!

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