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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ice - T Original Gansai

He's not your every day type prankster, he's Ice-T Original Gansai.
Gansai pronounced ganzee is Irish for jumper/sweater for the egits who don't know.

Life's A Gas.....Marc Bolan

Yet another tragic musical death. God I'm sounding like me mother every day."do you know who's Dead". On the evening of 15Th September 1977, Marc and Gloria (Marcs Girl friend) attended Morton's Club in London. They left in the early hours of the morning of 16Th September, with Gloria driving the mini. Whilst driving along Barnes Common, Gloria lost control of the car, and ploughed into a tree. Marc, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was killed instantly.

The Airborne Toxic Event - Papillon

Without doubt my favorite band of last year. It's almost a year ago now when I first heard "some time around Midnight" on wrxp 101.9. Awesome live show !! If they are around go see them.

Space. Neighbourhood

Ah the ninety's and Space. I might have a look for my big puffer jacket....Nah maybe I wont bother me arsh.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lauryn Hill / Heffer

Lauryn Hill. Refujesus christ, Remember the Golly Bar ice cream ?

American Idol Season 7 - Alexis Cohen Killed

Alexis cohen who became famous not because or her singing but because the way she reacted at not being picked to be the next American Idol.
Sadly she was hit by a drunk driver in New Jersey and killed.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rancid - Salvation

The first time I heard Rancid was this legendary song Salvation.
Rancid was formed in 1991 in San Francisco by Tim Armstrong (Vocals/Guitar) and Matt Freeman (Bass). Tim Armstrong suffered from major fondness of the sauce. Matt a life long friend suggested that the duo start a band, which was in part to help his friend with recovery. The two joined and a musical union was formed. Brett Reed, a roommate of Armstrong, joined the band as drummer a short while later.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dicky. Lord Of The Rings

Yet another hidden talent of the amazing Dicky is his ability to act. His most outstanding role was in the movie Lord Of The Rings. Dicky played the wizard named Gandalf, a wizard in the movie and also a wizard in reality. Peter Jackson really out did himself. You Go Dicky !!!!!


It was announced that the Epic movie 300 will have a sequal. Its gonna be nice to see how its pulled of as nearly all of the cast where killed by the end of the first movie.

horses playing soccer

Well Horse. Keep her lit.





Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Jealous Girlfriends - Roboxulla

The Jealous Girlfriends, one of my fave bands in New York, float through soft and erotic clouds of guitar and keyboards that can turn spuds from the drills. Tis that kind of sound that has gotten their music on “Grey’s Anatomy. Go on yis hoers.

Don't Cross The Streams

Dr. Egon Spengler: There's something very important I forgot to tell you.
Dr. Peter Venkman: What?
Dr. Egon Spengler: Don't cross the streams.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Why?
Dr. Egon Spengler: It would be bad.

Harry Potter In Japan

In this clip we see Daniel Radcliffe surprise a Ravid Japanese Harry Potter fan.
Her reaction is priceless and could only be bettered if served with a spicy tuna roll.

Dicky In Space

On this the 40th anniversary of the NASA space landing, I thought it fitting to reveal to the world that in fact it was not Buzz Aldrin but Dicky who was on the moon.
Those of you who know Ardee will be familiar with the launching area at the entrance to the old railway line, ya know behind Blondie's. Well this was where Dicky took of from on his world changing mission. To boldly go where no man has gone before. You go Dicky !!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Never By A Ticket Of A Scalper

In 2001 me and a friend of mine where going to see Coldplay at a small venue called Irving Plaza, We had attended many shows there and never needed to pre book a ticket as there where always plenty of knackers outside the place ready to sell good tickets.
But this one time (at band camp) we got screwed over big time.
We stopped a big African and started the ticket transaction, he would only pull the tickets from his pocket and not hand them over, using the excuse the cops where about.
So us being retarded and not seeing the Forrest for the black man decided to hand over $120.00. Kong handed over the tickets and next thing the ape had vanished into thin air, I suppose it was night time !
Anyway the two tickets had got Coldplate written on them, one of them was a ticket for Everlast which was the previous nights show and the name was tipexed over and Cold plate typed on top.
I was cleaning out a closet and found the ticket.
Moral of the story is.... the Massey Ferguson is better than Case international.

Wearable Towel infomercial

Now you can look like Maximus Spasticus the Greek God that's not afraid to reveal his ass stains to the world. I give you The Wearable Towel.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Irish Music And Arts Festival

I'm nearly committed to putting on The Irish Music and Arts festival this fall at The Wassaic Project. Basically I hope that to have at least ten bands, and it wouldn't be the same without the pig roast. Also I hope to have photography exhibits and the like.

If anybody wants to come to New York and play a gig, all welcome.
Please contact me at

Cell-(914)413 6727

Again its all geared towards a world free of MS.

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch has cancer

The video sez it all, hopefully all will go well.

JJ72 - Long Way South

My father sent me the self titled JJ72 album about eight years ago. I still listen to it to this day. Unfortunately JJ72 officially called it quits in June 2006 after more than a decade together. A reason for the split was due to the band's strained relationship with their record company, and the lack of funding for a third JJ72 album. . I did get to see them play at Irving Plaza and it was a great show.

Little Green Cars - Brendan

There are so many great young Irish bands coming out these days,
Fight Like Apes
Blind Pilots
The Blizzards and Little Green Cars. The band members are Dylan Lynch, Donagh Seaver O'Leary, Stevie Appleby, Aoife Kelly, Utsav Lal, Adam O'Regan, Faye O'Rourke. Yet again another nice original sounding Irish band. Rock out with your Penis out.

New Irish Rock Band "Best up and coming" - BOWLEGGED

Irish Rock Band -BOWLEGGED are an Indie-Rock 5 piece new Irish Rock band from Dublin, Ireland.
This very cool Irish band have a really unique sound. This is a welcome breath of fresh air seen as there is such a wiff of shite with all the manufactured bands these days.
The band started with Fleur and Aoife, who were friends in primary school, lost contact after moving schools. In late 2007 they reunited after Fleur spotted a blog on Aoife's myspace looking for someone to start a band with. Fleur at the time was doing backing vocals for Little Green Cars but soon left and formed Bowlegged with Aoife.
One by one they gained a bassist, a drummer and a second guitarist. They are now rising stars in Dublins youth music scene, playing venues such as Whelans, The Village and The Academy. They are currently still experimenting with and progressing their sound.
The Band:
Fleur-Vocals, Keys,
Aoife- Guitar
Keith- Guitar
Dr Fionn -Drums
Dr. Dan- Bass

Arnold Rave

Alright Govenor !! Would you look at the state of poor Arney

Hulk Hogan Doing a Japanese Advert

Hulk Hogan you feckin egit.

Japan Crazy Machine

Ya have to hand it to the Japs, they are stone feckin mad but very talented. The tune just wont leave my skull. First you gotta do the truffle shuffle !!!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps acoustic@AOL Sessions

Karen Lee Orzolek, better known as Karen O does an awesome acoustic version of Maps.

Hunger Strike (Acoustic) - Temple of the Dog/Lexx

I found this on YouTube, I love the original song which was a collaboration between Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, I think Lexx Wingspan does a pretty good job.

Casper The Baby Cockatoo

Poke him with a stick and watch his bollox grow.

Boyfriend Body Pillow

All you lonely retards out there can finally get your dream gift, yes, The Boyfriend Body Pillow !! Available now if your stupid.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sonny And Cher, Spud Farmers ?

Yes it's true folks, Sonny and Cher grew up spud farming this side of Millockstown. This is where they met as two youngsters running round the fields playing Tig.

Sonny a son of one of the Reids from lobinstown and Cher a daughter of the Joe Taffe from Hack balls cross, ya know yer man with the funny eye. Well any way the Taffes and the Reids where the most prominant of spud farmers in Ireland in the 1940s, They had that many fields and that many spuds ya could feed the have of Somalia let alone Ethiopia.
Fair fecks to them now because the old spud farmings hard work, yer back id be feckin broke. But because of the hard labor involved in spud farming the children where brought in at an early age to start pickin (think of Chinese Sweatshops)
This is where Sonny And Cher first met.
It all started on a wet damp day and Sonny and Cher happened to be put in the same drill to start picking. Chers long black hair was long back in those days too and it was for this reason the couple first spoke. Cher was picking spuds as fast as she could with 8 year old fingers and between the muck and the rain her hair was destroyed in shite, in fact her hair was so weighed down she didn't notice that she was about to bump into Sonny who was working towards her on the same drill.
Next thing Cher accidentally elbowed Sonny in the ribs, this is when Sonny feckin up ended Cher with a horse of a hay maker and left her face down in the dirt.
It was love at first slap.
From then on in the two would meet up every day and pick the spuds together, it was indeed a sight to behold, Sonny and Cher began to sing together one day and discovered that they had a beautiful sound. This is when they first made up the famous song "Ive Got Stew Babe" and "Living In A Farm House Divided"

The Pair eventually started to sing at barn dances and such and the royalty's fair out weighed that of spud farming (pardon the pun). They quickly moved to Los Angeles and moved into an apartment with a load of "gypsies,tramps and thieves" but they managed to get signed up with a record deal but Sonny kept beating the shit out of Cher and she couldn't take it any more. Eventually she had the balls to leave him and she moved on to make Hit after Hit. Even though Cher has had so much plastic surgery she could be quoted as saying "i still cant get the muck out from under me nails"
Still to this day Cher cranks out the number one hits with her most recent being
"Do you Believe in life after Spuds".

The Beastie Boys. "So What'cha Want"

Back in about 1994 this was one of the songs that hooked me on The Beastie Boys for many years. I went to see the in Dublin with some friends. Some bleedin scum bag robbed the hat from my head, all was not lost as the hat was thrown on stage and it remained there for the duration of the gig. I was hoping one of the Beasties would wear it but no. Still at least I can say my hat was on stage with The Beastie Boys.

The Dead Weather "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

COOL video directed by Jonathan Glazer for The Dead Weather. The new album Horehound is out since 7/14/09. Buy It.

The Dead Weather - Hang You From The Heavens

Jack Whites latest band "The Dead Weather" ,this time Jack White is on drums, bassist "Little Jack" Lawrence from the Raconteurs, Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Dean Fertita and the beautiful singer from The Kills Alison Mosshart.
Very dark and very brilliant

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scary Mary

I was testing out my "Where's Mary" mask and discovered that even Monkey was scared of Mary.!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seperated At Birth

Sig Hansen from the Deadliest catch and William Fichtner the actor ! Funnily enough William Fichtner played the role of David "Sully" Sullivan in the movie "The Perfect Storm" which was also about fishing...weird.

I don't want nothin from Sig Hansen

MIke Snow Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Get your drugs, glow sticks and Vicks yis mad fuckin egits. It's Mike Snow with this class summer song. Rock On Rock Angry.

The Pregnant Woman.

A woman in labor is screamin profanity at her husband. He says 'Hey, dont blame me. I wanted to put it in your ass. But nooo, you thought THAT would hurt!

ColdPlay Fix You

The song "Fix You" from Coldplay is one of my favourites. Not to be confused with "Yellow" where Chris Martin sings about the color of Gwyneth Paltrow's knickers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hawk Jones. Shootout

Some how I dont think that this would be allowed in these days. You gotta love the 80s and black children cops shooting white robbers.

Seasame Street "Slayer Sing-Along"

Speaks for itself

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cowboy Vince

My sources tell me that a Mysterious Cowboy has been spotted walking the streets of Ardee and Stickillen during the week. Cross to the other side or the road if you see him coming, he's likely to gun you down like the no good dog you are.
You've been warned !!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ray La Montagne. Shaved By A Woman

Ray La Montagne's was caught cheating on his Misses She got him drunk one night and decided to make an idiot out of him and shave his head while he was asleep.
When Ray woke up he said "Ive been shaved by a woman".

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bear Grylls

Watcha Dave. Hear we see Bear Grylls wearing his traditional Eskimo tiger helmet to protect him from mental m0nkeys throwing lumps of shite. Also Bear is usually using "old mans beard" to lite fires but now he wears it on his chin, why you ask, because he's worth it. Cup O Tea, Mary Poppins and all that shit init !!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Richie Havens. Here Comes The Sun

One of my favourite from the Woodstock era, Richie Havens. In the video he is playing Here Comes The Sun from the Beatles. Even if you only heard the song on the radio you couldn't mistake his style and sound. Go on Richie, belt the shite out of that guitar. Love the graphics in the video....trippy man.

Belle And Sebastian. The Blues Are Still Blue

Belle and Sebastian were formed in an all-night café in Glasgow, January 1996. The band took the name from a French children's television series about a boy and his dog. Do you remember the big white snow dog during the summer holiday cartoons ??
I was never mad on the band but over the past while they have grown on me.

The New Pornographers. Myriad Harbour.

A.C. Newman - vocals, guitar, ebow, synthesizer, harmonica, pump organ, xylophone
John Collins - bass, guitar, synthesizer, ebow, vocals
Kurt Dahle - drums, percussion, vocals
Blaine Thurier - synthesizer
Todd Fancey - guitar
Dan Bejar - vocals, guitar, synthesizer, melodion
Neko Case - vocals
Kathryn Calder - vocals, piano
Nora O'Connor - vocals

The New Pornographers are a Vancouver group made up of A.C. Newman and a group of ridiculously talented people he feels are uniquely equipped to realize his musical ambitions. They formed in 1997, almost immediately recorded the classic "Letter From An Occupant," and it was on. A.C Newman now plays with the self titled band.
Myriad Harbour is probably about three or four years old at this stage but still a cool song. Enjoy the riff !!

Rathescar Lake. Giant Swans !

Whilst being back in Ireland there is nothing more I like than going around all the lakes and having goon craic. Me, Skinny, Molly , Claudelle and the kids went to Rathescar Lake for a stroll but when we where going in it said Home Of The Giant Swan on the sign post. We said "what a load of shite". As we walked around all was calm until we spotted the Giant Swan. Luckily Skinny had taken a few dozen stale Ardee Bakery sliced pans.
I had a plan to ride the beast so i hid in the bush's while the gang coaxed the Monster over with the bread that came included with Blue Stuff attached.
Next thing I saw my opportunity and I took a leap and grabbed hold of the Giant Swans neck. It was quite the ride I can tell you. Molly only managed to get one picture as it was a real life or death situation. The Giant Swan quickly threw me from it's neck but it sure was great craic.

No animals where hurt in the making of this blog,,, only me.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sean Connery / Dicky

Contrast and compare, Maybe Sean Connery is Dicky.

The Most Interesting Man In The World

When I put the first add for Dos Equis on the blog a few months ago I thought that it was serious. Now after looking at a few of them I think they are really just a piss take. There is a load of adds like this, it's like he has some sort of cult following.

Where's Mary ? China

On my recent return to Ardee I discovered that an old art teacher
of mine was running for elections. So I sent out my paparazzi team to see what they could dig up. Well it turns out that not only is Mary running for elections in Ardee but that's just a cover up, she is planning a hostile global takeover and nothing is going to get in here way.
Sources say that she could be spotted swallowing whole rats one at a time... ( remember V ) dont be fooled by the bright smile, this could be serious, feck Osama, feck Seamus Farrely, this is big and with Jim Tennanty on her side anything is possible.
Every week I will bring to you some pictures of where she is planning her next move, this week she was found in China on an alleged vacation but we got the picture of here having a secret ceremony with Chinese Communist Party members Hu Jintao, Xi Jingping and Hoo Flongdong.
I cant wait to see where she is going to be next. Watch out folks she could be in a town near you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

These two auld woman where chatting away one day and sez Bridi to Cathleen...

Bridi - "I'm fed up ridin the husband"

Cathleen - "hows that"

Bridi - "his cock reminds me of a carrot"

Cathleen - "a carrot, how so Bridi, Is it the shape of it"

Bridi - "no"

Cathleen - "is it the color of it"

Bridie - "no"

Cathleen - 'is it the smell of it"

Bridi - "it's the feckin dirt of it Cathleen" !!!!!!!!!!.

Dicky,De Niro And 50, Now That's Gangster

I was browsing through Barnes and Noble book store the other day and I nearly dropped out of me standing, there was himself "Dicky" on the cover of Vibe magazine. I knew Dicky was cool but I had no idea to extent of his coolness. It turns out Dicky, De Niro and 50 euro where shooting a new Scorsese movie. In the movie the 3 lads play pimps on the streets of Detroit, I wont go in to or I'll ruin the ending. Look out for "Now That's Gangster" playing in the Bohemian centre next shrove Tuesday.

Cheeky Pigs. Festival

Definitely my favourite song of the night. One of Cheeky Pigs own songs Festival..Brilliant !!!!

Cheeky Pigs. Psycho Killer

The final song of the night by Cheeky Pigs, at this stage they had a load of people of the dance floor but you cant see the crowd in the video.

Cheeky Pigs. Hospital

Cheeky Pigs performing "Hospital" at "The Fattening Of The Pig" benefit for MS Ireland.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mulcahy's Cribs

Another classic spin off of the MTV cribs series, funniley enough I got "The Skanger Me Banger" and this video from Norma Jeane Finnegan. Perhaps a Cribsaholic ?
Either way she's an awful divil. Check out Mulcahy's Cribs, brilliant