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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Never By A Ticket Of A Scalper

In 2001 me and a friend of mine where going to see Coldplay at a small venue called Irving Plaza, We had attended many shows there and never needed to pre book a ticket as there where always plenty of knackers outside the place ready to sell good tickets.
But this one time (at band camp) we got screwed over big time.
We stopped a big African and started the ticket transaction, he would only pull the tickets from his pocket and not hand them over, using the excuse the cops where about.
So us being retarded and not seeing the Forrest for the black man decided to hand over $120.00. Kong handed over the tickets and next thing the ape had vanished into thin air, I suppose it was night time !
Anyway the two tickets had got Coldplate written on them, one of them was a ticket for Everlast which was the previous nights show and the name was tipexed over and Cold plate typed on top.
I was cleaning out a closet and found the ticket.
Moral of the story is.... the Massey Ferguson is better than Case international.

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