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Friday, July 17, 2009

Sonny And Cher, Spud Farmers ?

Yes it's true folks, Sonny and Cher grew up spud farming this side of Millockstown. This is where they met as two youngsters running round the fields playing Tig.

Sonny a son of one of the Reids from lobinstown and Cher a daughter of the Joe Taffe from Hack balls cross, ya know yer man with the funny eye. Well any way the Taffes and the Reids where the most prominant of spud farmers in Ireland in the 1940s, They had that many fields and that many spuds ya could feed the have of Somalia let alone Ethiopia.
Fair fecks to them now because the old spud farmings hard work, yer back id be feckin broke. But because of the hard labor involved in spud farming the children where brought in at an early age to start pickin (think of Chinese Sweatshops)
This is where Sonny And Cher first met.
It all started on a wet damp day and Sonny and Cher happened to be put in the same drill to start picking. Chers long black hair was long back in those days too and it was for this reason the couple first spoke. Cher was picking spuds as fast as she could with 8 year old fingers and between the muck and the rain her hair was destroyed in shite, in fact her hair was so weighed down she didn't notice that she was about to bump into Sonny who was working towards her on the same drill.
Next thing Cher accidentally elbowed Sonny in the ribs, this is when Sonny feckin up ended Cher with a horse of a hay maker and left her face down in the dirt.
It was love at first slap.
From then on in the two would meet up every day and pick the spuds together, it was indeed a sight to behold, Sonny and Cher began to sing together one day and discovered that they had a beautiful sound. This is when they first made up the famous song "Ive Got Stew Babe" and "Living In A Farm House Divided"

The Pair eventually started to sing at barn dances and such and the royalty's fair out weighed that of spud farming (pardon the pun). They quickly moved to Los Angeles and moved into an apartment with a load of "gypsies,tramps and thieves" but they managed to get signed up with a record deal but Sonny kept beating the shit out of Cher and she couldn't take it any more. Eventually she had the balls to leave him and she moved on to make Hit after Hit. Even though Cher has had so much plastic surgery she could be quoted as saying "i still cant get the muck out from under me nails"
Still to this day Cher cranks out the number one hits with her most recent being
"Do you Believe in life after Spuds".

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