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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Shell Suit

Shell Suits are deadly because

  1. They have a lovely sheen to them
  2. They have a zipper
  3. They make you look class
  4. They double as a mack
  5. They make you blend in well in Dublin
  6. They have lovely bright colors
  7. They have elastic at the end of the leg and sleeve
  8. They have to be worn with runners
  9. They don't look class if worn with shoes or Docs
  10. They look bizarre if worn driving a tractor or JCB
  11. They can be worn to a disco or mass
  12. They can be wiped clean easily if you spill gravy on them
  13. They can dazzle girls into submission
  14. They can be worn jogging or shopping for a piano


  1. I have to use a pare of them ... must I jogging.

    But ... that's strange! olmost fat men use dress this kind of suits!!

  2. For my video I've used "Adobe Premiere CS3 pro" with the "blue screen tecnick".

    Have a nice day.