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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cheeky Pigs

80's rock band from Ardee County Louth Ireland. Peter Duff, Paudie Bradley, Pat Clinton, Drack McQuillan, John Farrell. From an RTE show called "SBB ina Hee"
So a few weeks ago when i started doing The Ardee man blog i did a post about Benny Andersons. A day or two later i got an email from a lad called Peter Duff i had never heard of him berore, he said he was going to Ardee for a visit and was trying to see if Bennys was still open when he stumbled across my blog. From Ardee originally Peter moved to Portland Oregon but before he left he was in a load of Ardee bands like Jack Madness, Cheeky Pigs and a lot of pub bands. Then he managed bands like the Bogey Boys who had U2 opening for, he did the first promo for Mamas Boys in the U.S. He ended up doing sound all over the U.S for lots of people , john lee hooker , Robert Cray. Etc. His last run was two years on the road with a spandex band called " Justin Sayne" think poison or Van Halen.
We where emailing over and back and it turns out he is a relative of mine that i didn't even know about, it's a small world. So check out the mad video from Cheeky Pigs !!!!!

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