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Monday, March 9, 2009

Antony and the johnsons

When i first heard this song i thought it was kinda shite but after i have heard it a few times it's growing on me .Molly thinks it is shite but sure see what you think.I thought it was the type of song that you would hear on the american version of the Green Scene if there is such a thing, no, there wouldn't be such a thing there is only one green scene boy jaysis. After doing some research on the band i see that Antony is from West sussex England his unusual background saw him relocating from his native england at the age of 10 to be raised in california, usa. he moved to new york in 1990 to attend the experimental theatre wing at nyu, and before long had become heavily involved in the city's punk drag scene. paying homage to fabled performance artists leigh bowery and klaus nomi, antony began performing late night cabaret sets with the blacklips collective at the city's pyramid club. in 1995 he assembled a backing group, the self-styled antony and the johnsons, and began to focus on the musical side of his performances. the group built up a cult following at hip new york clubs such as the kitchen and knitting factory, but their debut blue angel remained unreleased until current 93 leader david tibet signed antony and the johnsons to his durtro label. the cast list of musicians on the album, released under the title antony and the johnsons in 1998, included transsexual artist baby dee (harp), francois gehin (bass), todd cohen (drums), charles neilson (guitar), and a number of string and woodwind players.I like them so tough shit if you don't.

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