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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh My God look at what somebody did.... Scarface (Widescreen Two-Disc Anniversary Edition) with kids brilliant !!

No Age - Teen Creeps

Awesome tune by No Age called Teen Creeps by it right here now egits.

The Perfect Fit Button As Seen On TV

Perfect Fit Button Deluxe (Set of 8) just what I need.....yyeeaahh

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Tokyo Gore Police is the name of one of these mad Japanese whores movies. sure would ya look at the cut of yer one with legs coming out of her head as propellors. Only In Japan

Rex Garvin - Emulsified


Born circa 1937, New York City

Vocalist / pianist / arranger / songwriter / bandleader

The early musical career of Rex Garvin was entwined with that of his neighbour Zelma "Zell" Sanders from the Bronx. Being a black woman in the record business was definitely a handicap for Zell in a white, male-dominated industry in the 1950s. She was a hardworking entrepeneur and formidable matriarch who controlled the artists she managed with the tough love of a strict parent, sometimes fining or sacking them on the spot if they broke her rules. Sanders and Garvin were both very much involved with the Hearts, a group of young girls, formed in 1954, whose first record, "Lonely Nights" was placed with Sol Rabinowitz's Baton label in early 1955. It was an immediate hit (# 8 R&B), making the Hearts the second female group to have a song on the R&B charts, after Shirley Gunter and the Queens. The Hearts had no further hits, but continued to release singles until 1963. Garvin weathered the countless personnel changes in the group and remained their arranger and pianist, "mainly to meet girls", as Rex put it. He was more or less considered as a member of the group (the girls lovingly referred to him as "maestro") and appears on one of their promotion photos.

Dishwasher / Alcoholic

I was emptying the Dishwasher just now and it just struck me how much an alcoholic is like a dishwasher. It starts of empty and then gets feckin loaded until it's full to the hilt. Then its all cleaned out inside and does it all over again init.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pigeon Street Intro

Need I say anything at all.

Apple IPAD

The Apple IPAD comes out this Saturday. I really want it but they only releasing a WIFI version for the first month then a 3g version. Apple always try to pull a fast one some way or another. The 3g will come with a monthly plan of $ 30.00 which isn't so bad. But alot of people that must have it the day of release cannot upgrade from wifi to 3g. So they have you by the balls either way. I will wait although i'm dying for it. Steve Jobs you have your shite.

Chuck Norris Vs Bear

Ah yes Chuck Norris defeats a bear, thats because its not a chin under his beard its another fist.

American Idol Racist ?

After Paige Miles getting the boot last week on American Idol we are left with the top ten. Except for Big Mike and Andrew Garcia the top ten are all white. Also the judges are nearly all white except for Big Dog Randy Jackson. Does this mean American Idol is trying to become all white and are just scared to confront the big black man. I guess we will find out soon.

Trippiest Star Trek scene ever... wait for the end... WTF??!?

If I had to have known Startrek was this weird I may have took an interest in it. Captain Kurk being ridden but a midget or should I call them Sliders to be PC
Slider - Mini Burger

Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson - Supa Mega Fugly

I'm not usually a fan of this type of stuff but I just like this, I think it's the accent that swung it for me "with a bastard asshole twist"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Norma Jean Finnegan

Just a few of the many many pictures from Norma Jean Finnegan that I like. Awesome

Crystal Feckin Swing

Jesus Christ I cant make out if this is a piss take or for serial. It's so bad, I hate that organy sound and just the whole vibe of them, Sorry Crystal Swing I hate it..Pure torture. I can't even bring myself to play the video.

Bowlegged Best Emerging Irish Rock Band WIN at IMTV Awards

I have been ranting about this band for over a year now and I am pleased to see they won Best Emerging Irish Rock Band at IMTV Awards. Great Success High Five Flor.

The Dodos - Fools (Live at the Mural)

You need to give the tune a minute until the intro is done,it is great I just wish somebody would tell him to head of to the place accross from Johny Martins and get his boots tended too.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Japanese Game Show

No understanding of the language needed, mad Japanese bastards.

The Shites

Once upon a time on a miserable day in Ardee Community School there where three young lads that had enough of boring class's. The young wipper snappers had fancy ideas of the picturesque river side walk, no teachers, smoking fags ect.
Out of respect they will remain nameless. So early in the morning the three lads decided to meet down the river side walk and go mitching for the day.. Now mitching in Ardee isn't that exciting to say the least as there are feck all things to do and if you where so bold as to try roaming the main boulivard you surely would be caught by a teacher or by somebody who knew your mother, by the time you would get home you would be sure to face the Spanish Inquisition.
The river side walk is the local hangout for young up and coming upstarts which I too was one. It's kinda halfway house between the school and the town, perfect for mitching. It also is the entrance way to epic battles such as Ferdia vs Cuchulain and Bucko vs Darren Finlay ( a bit of Irish Folklore thrown in for good measure)Now the Riverside walk if you walk down threw the park you come to a broken wall that you can hop over and then you are home free for a day of mitching as there are only fields, cows, a river and the old sewage works.
Back to the three young lads, now the met up at the old broken wall and hopped across into the abyss that is river Dee and surrounding areas such as "The Mental Bridge". Only the strong can survive in this world of enchantment. With only a 10 pack of Carroll's between them, on they went laughing and messing as they thought of school was far from there minds, one thing that wasn't far from the minds was the urge to go for a shit which all three boys had in common at this time. As they approached the old sewage works one of the bright sparks decided it would be great craic for each of the three lads to take a dump at each corner of the sewage works at the same time. With only docking leaves by there side of they went as if to claim territory over the old sewage works. Each hunkered down and undid there pants and began to put the plan into effect. With a brave push and some powerful legs to hold the squat position they dropped the turds upon the ground as it where Pearl Harbour all over again. It was perfect, the boys met up again in fits of laughter and rejoiced at the pleasure and good time that where had so far that day, that was until they heard a voice shout at them." I know yis, yis little bastards" The lads scattered of down the fields being pursued by the mystery man, could it be a teacher, a Guard, one of there parents only time would tell as it was inevitable the lads would be caught. Each of the scoundrals dived head first into the long grass and lay in silence. The silence was to be broken by the sound of the pursuer saying " I know who yis are and your not in trouble" the boys looked at each other in a puzzled way only to hear the voice again (wait for it)
"I don't care what yis are at but THERE'S THREE FRESH SHITES HERE AND NOT ONE OF YIS ARE LEAVING UNTIL THERE PICKED UP". So like a couple of scolded dogs the three boys got up with there tails between there legs and had to go and pick up "The Three Fresh Shites". ( oh the irony of it, Picking up shit outside the sewage works..classic.
It turns out the mystery pursuer was a man that worked in the sewage works and he took the boys in for a look around a cup of tea. And that's it the lads got away Scot free and lived to see another day..Go on the lads !!!!!!
In cause you where wondering the three boys where

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ham Sandwich - Keepsake

This band is the best thing to come outta Kells since the book! Thanks Nirab.

Major Lazer - Can't Stop Now (ft Mr Vegas & Jovi Rockwel)

Major Lazor, Chilltastic !
Guns Don't Kill People ... Lazers Do!

02 "When You Hear The Bassline" Feat. MS. THING
03 "Can't Stop Now" Feat. MR. VEGAS & JOVI ROCKWELL
04 "Lazer Theme" Feat. FUTURE TROUBLE
05 "Anything Goes" Feat. TURBULENCE
06 "Cash Flow" Feat. JAH DAN
07 "Mary Jane" Feat. MR. EVIL & MAPEI
08 "Bruk Out" Feat. T.O.K. & MS. THING
09 "What U Like" Feat. AMANDA BLANK & EINSTEIN
10 "Keep It Goin' Louder" Feat. NINA SKY & RICKY BLAZE
11 "Pon Di Floor" Feat. VYBZ KARTEL (Additional Prpduction By AFRO JACK)
12 "Baby" Feat. PRINCE ZIMBOO
13 "Jump Up" Feat. LEFTSIDE & SUPAHYPE (Co-Produced By CROOKERS)

Nice feckin tune from Toronto's Born Ruffians. Born Ruffians features Luke LaLonde (vocals/guitar), Mitch DeRosier (bass/vocals), and Steve Hamelin (drums). Formed in 2002, the indie rock trio creates a jaunty mix of shifty guitar riffs and hyper-chic vocals for a Pixies-esque shredded kind of sweetness.

The Coathangers - Shut The Fuck Up

In less than three years, The Coathangers, Julia Kugel (guitar/vocals), Stephanie Luke (drums/vocals), Candice Jones (keyboard/vocals), and Meredith Franco (bass/vocals) have grown from a band of girlfriends buying the cheapest instruments an Atlanta pawn shop could offer, to a group of formidable, adaptable performers...

Screaming Lord Sutch - Flashing Lights

Sutch was born at New End Hospital, Hampstead, North West London. In the 1960s, inspired by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, he changed his artist name to Screaming Lord Sutch, 3rd Earl of Harrow, despite having no connection with the peerage. His legal name remained David Edward Sutch.


The fututurebirds are
Carter King - guitar, banjo, drums, vox
Daniel Womack - Acoustic, Banjo, Vox
Payton Bradford - Drums, guitar, banjo, vox
Thomas Johnson - Guitar, mandolin, banjo, vox
Dennis Love - pedal steel
Brannen Miles - Bass
Futurebirds have shared with the stage with Dr. Dog, Blitzen Trapper, Dead Confederate, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Dent May and His Magnificent Ukelele Band.
Role out with your pole out, deadly mad video. I like it !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheeky Pigs On Tour

Oh My God did I stumble upon some treasure or what.... Yes it is the Cheeky Pigs on tour. Messing, singing and good times. GO ON PAUDY !!!!!!

John Nevin - Silence

A very nice tune from Ardee's John Nevin. Ya see Ardee has got talent.John is a musician, singer, songwriter and an electrical contractor based in Ardee Co. Louth, Ireland. His better half is Karen, also a singer, musician, and the second most important thing in my life is his dog, Kylie. He started playing guitar in his first band at the wee age of 13.The band was owned by his dad Austin. John then moved from there to a pub band called ZIGZAG which was a great learning experience for a young lad. After 3 years with ZIGZAG he was asked to join a band called The Colm Hughes Band who come from monaghan but were doing alot of work in New York, this was his first pro gig and he jumped at the chance.It was mainly a cover band doing chart covers and rock. John has spent five years with colm and enjoyed every gig but as it happens he got itchy feet and wanted to try something new. That's when he joined The Mary Duff Band as guitarist/vocalists, again spent a few years with Mary. while with this band they decided to do a few gigs on our own for charity, they called the band THE WILD TURKEYS which included Marty mcdermott on bass, Steven milne ..boards, Alan Barton/manus maron on drums and the mean cavan bastard aiden cunningham on steel and whoever they could drag in...the best bunch of guys he had ever worked with but the itchy feet problem arose again. John took some time out From playing to recharge the batterys then joined a wedding band called New Haven and later Joined a band called Wild Horses where he met his girlfriend Karen (aahh) who played bass and lead vocals, and the rest as the say, is history. He is now retired (sort of)from the music scene, but who knows,watch this space.
John currently likes to work in his home studio where he makes such awesome tunes as "Silence" which is his latest. Go see John at The Railway bar in Ardee most Thursday nights for a good auld trad session

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Aid Kit - "Hard Believer" - SXSW 2010 Showcasing Artist

Its not usually my Cup O Tea but I can get this song out of my head, it puts me in mind of Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. Klara and Johanna Soderberg, AKA First Aid Kit (17 and 19 respectively) have been gathering fans apace throughout 2009, since the release of their Drunken Trees EP in February (originally released on The Knifes Rabid label and picked up for the world by Wichita Recordings). They now unveil their wonderful debut album, The Big Black and The Blue came out on 25 January 2010.

Holy Fuck - Song 2 - SXSW Music 2010

Holy Fuck at South By South West music festival. NICE

Fool's Gold - "Suprise Hotel" - SXSW 2010 Showcasing Artist

Ah yeah nothing better than old men and soda to get you going in the morning. !

The Morning Benders - "Excuses" Yours Truly session

The Morning Benders < joined by an array of friends and San Francisco music found-abouts, perform the standout "Excuses" from the upcoming album "Big Echo" (h, out March 9th on Rough Trade. NICE !

Friday, March 19, 2010

Foals - Spanish Sahara

Intensity in ten cities, cool video and song by Foals, Some horse's boy.

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More (Acoustic)

Awesome acoustic version of Sigh No More from Mumford and Sons. They are four friends from West London that came together in 2007, Not in a sexual way.

Local Natives - Airplanes - BBC Radio 1 Live In Session

Deadliness from Local Natives. Local Natives are an indie rock band based in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, USA. Their debut album, Gorilla Manor, was released in the UK on Nov 2nd, 2009, and saw a US release date of Feb. 16th, 2010. Doesnt The lead guitar look a wee bit like Gerry Levins...LOL

Sleigh Bells - Ring Ring

The cool second hit for Sleigh Bells Ring Ring is most triumphant. The initial meeting between Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells sounds almost like a scene out of a movie: He was working at a Brooklyn restaurant during the summer; she, a fifth grade public school teacher, was one of his customers and by chance they started talking about music. A mere week later they were recording together and thus, Sleigh Bells were formed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irish Starbucks

First of all I think that the Starbucks size names are feckin STUPID......


Wouldnt it be funny to have an Irish version of that.......

Wee (short)
Lanky (Tall)
Grand (Grande)
Vessel (Venti)

Starbucks Slave ... "what would you like sir"
Paddy.............. "Gimme the wee one, Sure I don't wanna be bustin for a piss all day do I"

Starbucks Slave... "How can I help you sir"
Paddy ............ "Gimme the lanky lookin one hey"

Starbucks Slave.. "how can I be of service"
Paddy ........... Gimme that one there, Jaysis that's a grand feckin size"

Starbucks Slave.. "what would you like sir"
Paddy............ "Ah Jaysis ya may gimme the Vessel there good lassie sure I was that full last night I got sick on meself and evertin"

Rollerblading Head Smash

Look at this EGIT !

Bear Hands - What A Drag

Bear Hands is a post-punk/experimental/indie rock act hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Forming in 2006, the band consists of Dylan Rau, Ted Feldman, Val Loper and TJ Orscher. The band recently released a 4 song EP called Golden EP. Tracks include Golden, Long and Lean, Sickly Brunette and Bad Blood. Rock out with your cock out.

American Idol

Lacey Brown is the first of the top 12 to get the chop, although cute that didn't cut the English mustard with Simon Cowell as he said "Lacey, go way ta fuck, your shite". Good auld Simon.

Gorillaz Rip Off Eddy Grant ???

I can understand a little bit how they might sound alike but if you ask me it's just one of those things, I think Gorillaz have been original enough so far, why would they rip of Eddy Grant. You Have Your Shite. I dont like either so whatever.

Dr. Dog- Shadow people

Love this tune but is it me or does it sound like Vaseline from The Flaming Lips ?? Delta Spirit will share songs from their much-anticipated debut "Ode to Sunshine" with music fans across the nation this fall with Dr. Dog. Don't get me wrong I really like Dr Dog it could just be a coincidence like Gorillaz and Eddy Grant.

The Soft Pack - Mexico

One of the first summer time songs to come out this year. NICE !! The Soft Pack

Spring Is In The Air

Thank god all the snow and shite has finally gone and spring is in the air, I straightened up the back today which took a lot of damage over the winter. It's lovely today, high sixties and seventy one on Saturday. BBQ on Friday evening I think.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack L Gig

I got to see an awesome gig the other night Jack L. He played in Rory Dolans in Yonkers NY to a crowd of about fifty'ish people which was bully for me but BFH (bus fair home) for the charity which sucked but what can ya do.
It was just himself and an acoustic guitar which was fantastic.

He played........

Georgey Boy.
Little man.
Wish I Was A Dog.
Whiskey In The Jar.
Open Your Borders ........ Those are just a few, plus an acapella version of Hallelujah which was incredible and then as if that wasn't enough he got the auld squeeze box out and did an amazing job of "Stardust" with no microphone as he passed through the audience

Jack L liked ME T-shirt !

Yes great success as Jack L holds up me T-Shirt with a smile.. High Five !!

Me and Jack L

Only for Daddy telling me about Jack L playing over here I would never have known about the brilliance I saw last night March 16 at Rory Dolans. He was absolutely amazing. I got to meet Jack L before and after the gig which was very cool, we drank a beer and chatted for a while. If I could say the highlight of the night was getting "Wish I Was A Dog" dedicated to me. The whole gig was a highlight, if you get the chance go see him.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jack L T-Shirt

The other day when listening to the Jack L song "Wish I was a Dog" I decided to make him a T-shirt and give it to him at the gig on Tuesday night. I came up with the design from the line in the song "Think I'll go down to Kelly's field and get a cool drink from the stream" and of course our two weird dogs Millie and Monkey.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jack L. I Wish I Was A DOG

Jack Lukeman - better known as "Jack L" - has scheduled a benefit concert for the Aisling Irish Community Center on Tuesday, March 16, at Rory Dolan's (890 McLean Ave.) in Yonkers. I will be going for when I needed help the Aisling centre and sister Cristine were very good to me. Although sister Christine probably wouldn't approve of "Live from Ballapusta"

Lost Coastlines- A.C. Newman and Will Sheff

Awesomeness personified !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Packed and all eyes turned in
No one to see on the quay, no one waving for me
Just the shoreline receding
Ticket in my hand, I'm thinking wish I didn't hand it in
'cause who said sailing is fine?
Leaving behind all the faces that I might
Replace if I tried on that long ride
Looking deep inside but I don't want to look so deep inside yet

Sit down, sit down on the prow to wave back
There might not be another stop further on the line
Look out, look out at each town that glides by
And there's another crowd to drown in crying eyes

And see how that light you love now just won't shine
There might just be another star that's high and far in some other sky
We sing, 'Is that marionette real enough yet to step off of that set
To decide what her dance might be doing?'
Ruining the play, too, and the ensuing melee escape.
We packed up all of our bags, the ship's deck now sags
With the weight of our tracks as we race beneath flags black and battered
Rattling our swords in service of some fated, foreign lords

We sail out on orders from him but we find
The maps he sent to us don't mention lost coastlines
Where nothing we've actually seen has been mapped or outlined
And we don't recognize the names upon these signs

And every night finds us rocking and rolling on waves wild and wide
Well we have lost our way, but nobody's gonna say it outright
So we just go,

La la, la la la la, la la la la la la la la la la la laaaaa

Where the Wild Things Are

I saw the movie "Where the Wild Things Are" last night and I thought it was cool. The innocence of the movie could appeal to kids but also there were a lot of under lying meanings that the Monsters portrayed which I thought was very clever. Rent It !!

4th Dimension (Féile '95 Cork) Loverman

Oh MY feckin God, I was at this gig in 1995, I dont know if it is the MC's outfit that is more scarey or the fact that it was 15 years ago.

Guns N' Roses - Patience

One of my all time favorite songs ever, but how Axl moves to every strum of the guitar is beyond me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

T-Shirt for Extraneous Noise

The T -shirt I made for Extraneous Noise who are the creaters of the "Bad Veins" video above. Hope they like it.

LIve From Ballapousta !! St Patrick

Rogue Wave -lake Michigan

2007s Lake Michigan from Rogue Waves awesome album "Asleep at Heaven's Gate". The new album "Permalite" came out on March 2nd.

The Flying lizards - Money

Thats what I want to ya whore ya. The Flying Lizards were a British experimental rock band, who were formed in 1978 in London, England.[1] They are best remembered as New wave one-hit wonders, thanks to their deliberately eccentric cover of Barrett Strong's "Money", which became a surprise UK and US chart success in 1979.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"CARLOAD OF FARTS" ( Ted's cable tv debut ! ) Ted Pillman !

Weird but I like it.

Corey Haim

Actor Corey Haim died this morning of an apparent overdose -- possibly accidental -- according to LAPD. He was 38. Haim also reportedly was in and out of rehab 15 times, but cleaned up in 2004 after moving to Toronto. One of my favorite movies he starred in was "Lucas" were he was billed as the main star alongside Kerri Green, Charlie Sheen, and Winona Ryder.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Target Tampons

Targets generic brand is now called Up and Up. That's all good and positive until you wanna buy some tampons. Up Up and away.

Royal Bangs - "My Car is Haunted" - Live at the Middle East w/ We Were Promised Jetpacks

I got an email today from Yifan Luo of Extraneous Noise, a small music management and video production company based out of Boston. I was very pleased to get the email as I would love to get more involved with the music biz. Extraneous Noise capture multi-camera live footage of indie artists that come through Boston and I think the videos are class stuff. They give a nice feel of what it would be like to actually be at the gig and isn't that what we all want, live indie music. You can find more awesome videos from Extraneous Noise here at The Ardee Man as long as Yifan keeps sending them to me. Thank you Yifan

Millies Magic Mound

Millie has the remarkable ability to shit vertically, I have counted at least five of these spectacular brown towers. Look at it standing tall and proud. Knock em dead Millie !

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beach Fossils - Daydream

The jangly, self recorded ramblings of Brooklyn’s Dustin Payseur, Beach Fossils offers hauntingly catchy tunes that blend the energy of an impulsive road trip with the melodious wandering of a lucid dream. Sun drenched riffs, kaleidoscopic rhythms and hazy lyrics saturate Beach Fossils’ first release, the album’s carefree vibe perfectly summed up through song titles such as “Daydream,” “Vacation,” and “Lazy Day.”

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version

What a cool video. A giant version of mouse trap, dunno how they did it, we had a hard job trapping the mouse.

MS for two years

Having been diagnosed with MS two tears ago I have had to inject myself with Copaxone everyday. It is a pain in the hole literally as i have to inject my arsh every so often (inject with what? ) I can hear the jokes rolling. Its not that bad really. Injections go in the legs, arms, stomach, arsh which is a small thing if you consider not taking it and maybe as a result not being able to walk.....I'll take the injections thank you.
In the pictures is roughly all my needles for the past year and a halfish.

National MS week 2010

March 8Th - 14Th is National MS week. Having MS myself it is important for me to do something for the cause. On SUNDAY, APRIL 18, 2010 I will be participating In WalkMS which will be in South Street Sea Port Manhattan Co.Louth. Today I am going to start working on a new t-shirt design for my walk team. I will be selling the t-shirts and donating all profits to the MS society, also I will be gathering up sponsorship money for doing the WalkMS. So people get your fingers out and send me some money. ALL MONEY will be donated to people with worse symptoms than me, at least I can still type not like some people. Just imagine that you couldn't do Facebook or wipe your arsh. SEND ME MONEY.

Shane Gorman
12 Woodbine st
Yonkers NY

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Virgin Galactic Mothership White Knight Two Rollout - Space

Beard of no beard Richard Branson will have us on the moon yet, but I bet it wont be long until the moon has its very own Starbucks.

Epic Platinum Skater




The General Specific - Band of Horses

Band of whoers!

Jane Seymore Bond Girl

Well I never knew Dr Quinn Medicine Woman was the Bond Girl in 1973s Live And Let Die.

StrongMan Ron

Look at this mad stuff. The mind boggles. Weird Mc weirdness.

Backflip off vending machine!

EGIT !!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Cock

In the picture we see a poor broken cock, if the tool was not broken it would have great characteristics such as...........

1 Big Nob
2 Loads of mad veins
3 A japs eye
4 Cylindrical shaft
5 Convertible helmet (depending on the conditions)
6 Pubes
7 Comes complete with gods glue
8 No battery's needed
9 The ability to change shapes
10 Two chubby guards to keep hands away from the weld.

Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox - Walkabout (Music Video)

Go on ya mad cunts !!

Broken Social Scene - World Sick

Broken Social Scene materialized in 1999 when K.C. Accidental's Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, formerly of By Divine Right, bonded their friendship into a band. They spent the next few years honing an atmospheric rock sound in their native Toronto and the dynamic was great. Feel Good Lost marked their debut album in 2001 and introduced a revolving cast of Canadian indie musicians.

Ian Dury - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 1978

Ha, class song. Daddy still has this album in the attic. Lucky bleeders lucky bleeders.