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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jack L Gig

I got to see an awesome gig the other night Jack L. He played in Rory Dolans in Yonkers NY to a crowd of about fifty'ish people which was bully for me but BFH (bus fair home) for the charity which sucked but what can ya do.
It was just himself and an acoustic guitar which was fantastic.

He played........

Georgey Boy.
Little man.
Wish I Was A Dog.
Whiskey In The Jar.
Open Your Borders ........ Those are just a few, plus an acapella version of Hallelujah which was incredible and then as if that wasn't enough he got the auld squeeze box out and did an amazing job of "Stardust" with no microphone as he passed through the audience

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  1. Todd is still waiting for copies of Mollys pics!!! Please please please!!!!