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Friday, October 23, 2009

Brians Model Boat

Brians model boat "The U.S.S Contribution" was placed in the local bar today. High above the crowd she stands with ancor away and loaded with barrels of whiskey, she watches over the civilians with a steady eye. Lovely
With a round of applause from the crowd Brian laced the ship where she will lay in wait for the rest of her days, or until some cunt robs it.
Go on the Caso, a lot of time went into her ( Not Siobhan ) LOL
Im proud of you !!
Now Fuck off !! (in brick tops voice )

Cat's Tongue

MEOW !!!!

Polar Bear Poops Underwater

Some shite lad.

Dancing Baby Elephant plays harmonica

AAHH would ya look at the wee elephant playing away til his hearts content, wooden ya just steal him only for his massive feces.

Bodyform UK TV AD

Savage fanny pads them !

Cold war Kids - Tell Me In The Morning

If you see this album cover, buy it. Get the C.D aswell. In my top three albums of last year. Go on "The Cold War Childer" Hey

Kate Nash - Foundations performance on Jools Holland

A piano, drums and a voice, that's it, so simple but so deadly, A tune from Kate Nash from 2007 on Jools Holland. You cant help but like this song but the pumpkin song was kinda shit. Hope she comes out with some new stuff soon. Go on Kate ya tramp ya !!!

BEATLES - In my life (Acoustic Guitar)

Absolutely feckin amazing. Enjoy

Bloc Party - This Modern Love

I won't lie, I didnt like Bloc Partys latest album but I love "Silent Alarm". When I first got Xbox 360 I downloaded the CD into the console and I would play "Need for speed Underground" while listening to "Silent Alarm". You wouldn't think that the song would go well with a fast paced driving game but if you listen to the album and not the stripped down acoustic version you will see what I mean.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Me New Truck Body

One of the things I like about radio controlled trucks is the fact that you can up grade all your stuff and create your own designs. In the pictures you see my Traxxas Rustler but I changed it to look like a kind of mad army pick up.
I bought the body as a clear shell and I came up with the army theme.
Usually when you by a shell it comes with decals from the company that advertises the make of shell but I came up with an idea to make my own decals.
I bought sticker paper in Staples, sticker paper is paper that lets you print your desired picture, then peel the backing and hey presto you have a sticker. The only problem is that the ink runs, so after printing i covered the desired picture or text with two inch scotch tape which keeps the water out and the ink in ( so cliche ).
Then a steady hand with an exacto knife and you can have whatever decal you like.
For my truck I went with the old Spitfire air plane with it's intimidating teeth and flattering 1920's pin up girl, also I added the Army star.
I'm still not finished but I think it's the best one I have created yet.
I'm planning to enter competitions when I get me skills down.

Jam Fuckin Mallows

Well holy Jaysis, first Marathon became Snickers, then we lost Opal Fruits to the dreaded Starburst and now even the auld Mckado is lost to the advertising Mogul man in the corner office.
What about the years we heard the song
"Kimberly Mckado and Coconut Cream, some one you love can love some one, That's just a memory now....what a load of bollox.
Actually before doing a wee bit of research I always thought that the "Kimberly" was the make of the biscuit company, I didn't realize that "Kimberley" "Mckado" and "Coconut Cream" where three different bickies.
Whatever I suppose I must be getting old !!

Radiohead vs Dave Brubeck - Five Step (mashup by Overdub)

Leave it to fellow Ardee man Peter Duff to post this awesome mash up by "overdub".
Almost a perfect combination, just like carrots and parsnips. Enjoy.

All the single ladies

BIG EGIT !!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Extreme Sheep Art!

One of the best things I have seen in ages. who comes up with this stuff.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chips Theme Song

CHiPs Trivia:

Jon and Ponch never once pulled a weapon on anyone during the entire series!

Jon's unit ID was "Seven Mary Three"; Ponch's was "Seven Mary Four".

After CHiPs new episodes left the air, the show went into syndication and was called, "CHiPs Patrol".

Erik Estrada's character was originally supposed to be of Italian descent with the name Poncherelli. When Estrada was cast, they simply changed the last letter to an "o".

Randi Oakes joined the CHiPs cast in the third season. In episode #35 (2nd season), however, she first appeared on the series as a car thief named Kim! Randi was a top fashion model before becoming an actress. She didn't remain in showbiz long after CHiPs ended but it was a delight to see her on 3 episodes of "Fantasy Island" and 2 episodes of "The Love Boat"!

Erik Estrada actually got in an extremely serious motorcycle accident while filming one episode but, thankfully, he recovered!

The chase scenes and multi-vehicle crashes were filmed on freeways that were under construction but almost finished.

There was an actor in the pilot episode named Jonathon Baker! That was the nephew of CHiPs' creator, Rick Rosner. Jonathon played a little boy that the guys stopped for riding his bicycle on a highway. And, of course, he was also the source of Larry Wilcox's character's name!

In order to keep production costs down, the patrol cars used on CHiPs were used ones that they bought at auctions. If you know your cars, you'll see that they are always 3-5 years older than the date that the episode was produced.

The Worlds Biggest Zit.

Look with caution, it is disgusting.

Cheers Gary

Shake Weight

Go on ya good things, shake that weight, wankers !!! No more than two knuckles or your getting grease.

Hail Jesus

Holy Mary Mother of god tis Jesus in anime...prrraise the lordahh, he can change water into whiskey

Monday, October 12, 2009

Culchie Festival

What does 'CULCHIE' mean?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a Culchie as :
"One who lives in, or comes from, a rural area; a (simple) countryman (or woman), a provincial, a rustic."

The 20TH ANNUAL CULCHIE FESTIVAL will be held on OCTOBER 23-25 OCT 2009 in Ballyjamesduff. This festival in quite the spectical with such events as Camel Racing ( Capall na gCulchie ),The wellie toss and The Great Honda Step-Thru Run.In 2008 The Step-Thru Run achieved a new Irish Record with 481 Honda Step-Thru Bikes. Basically The Step-Thru run is a clatter of culchies all riding there Honda 50s at the same time, a real crowd pleaser.

Rules of Competition

1 No Dubs allowed to enter.
2 No Women allowed to enter
3 Contestants can be married or single, age 21 or over.
4 It would definitely be considered an asset if you were able to entertain at will, at any time of the day or night, with a story, song, musical instrument or a dance or just be a general character.

If you u fancy a mad weekend head to Ballyjamesduff Co.Cavan for The Culchie Festival.

The Big Pink - Dominos (Official Video)

For those who have yet to stumble across The Big Pink’s somewhat gargantuan blast, imagine The Teardrop Explodes being played by MBV whilst Suicide man the mixing desk; a concoction of sounds that manages to be both affecting and tooth-tremblingly huge at the same time.
Thanks Emma

Interpol . Evil

Interpol. A name generally associated with international espionage, covert operations, and distant ports of call. Yet since Interpol, the band, swept up listeners with their 2002 Matador debut 'Turn On The Bright Lights,' the moniker has gained new associations as well. It still carries global recognition. For the past two years, one could hardly open a magazine, turn on a radio or television, or step into a nightclub, without hearing Interpol's dark, gripping songs or seeing their countenances. Despite this high level of media exposure, the quartet never lost the tension and complexity that won them acclaim worldwide.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Radio Controlled Car.

The Traxxas Rustler is some yoke boy ! 45mph until I get the new engine, it will then do seventy plus mph. I custom sprayed the body and got a seven cell battery which took the bus from 35 mph to 45 mph. She's a hell of a yoke ta move, sure she'd cut the legs fuckin clean from under ya. The Ardee accent really shows through in the video which adds the the schpeed of the bus !! Ya need a schteady composure to operate such an animal of a yoke.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Gets Pea's Prize.

Congratulations President Obama on winning The Pea's Prize. Mr President, a huge fan of the mushy pea won the award for eating mushy peas every day for five years solid, unlike his mushy feces I imagine. So a toast to you Mr President but I must ask the question, If your eating the Mushy peas with the spuds and sausages, is Michelle eating the beans ? It must make for an interesting bathroom experience. Well at least you wont have to pay to get the White House pebble dashed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shit Yo Self.

No truer words where spoken !

Thanks Vince

Ardee Rugby Fanct Dress Ball..s.

Ardee Rugby club will be Having a Halloween ball in the Bailey.
Music by Attica Static, Cunning Stunts and if your ears and nob arnt blown by then stay on for D.J Gouch. I cant wait for it as I will be heading back to Ardee myself.
There will be minerals and crisps for all until 2.30 in the a.m as Sean Muldoon will be having a late bar, Rumor has it he will do a strip tease and do his famous exhibition that we all know and love.
The Exhibition - Sean has the ability to suck air up his arsh at will and blow it out again in countless gut bursting farts.
Maybe we might get to see it, just like the old days in school.
I love you too Loz

Paki Murkage

Even underneath there towels and inside there black hearts they still have a sense of humor.. Ah Paki's, ya cant be up to them.

Thanks Sammy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bait Car.

Bait Car is a show on T.V where guard Fahey and Long place cameras and all kinds of jiggeriepokerie in a car and wait for dumb people to steal the vehicle "Yo Ivan I told you"

Steven Seagal: Lawman on A&E

Steven Seagal: Lawman on A&E is Seagals latest show. From the movies direct to T.V. Ah M.r Seagal did you not learn your lesson when the mob where shakin ya down.

Gilliland Bobbing!

Yet another dirty rotton drunken video. In the video we see some egit bobbing for a coin in a clogged urinal ! You feckin idiot. No Listerine in the world will help that lad. Enjoy ???

Urinal trough diving

OMG that is feckin rotton. Shame on you. Your legend will never die my child.

Mini me and George Saint Piere

Separated at birth. U.F.C champ G.S.P and Mini Me.

Castrol EDGE - Think With Your Dipstick

In New York one of the things that piss's me f is the amount of adds in a half hour show. Usually the title song plays, then an ad then in a half hour show there is about three ads altogether.With the torturous ads in the U.S it is a welcome to have an auld Scotsman involved. One of my fave ads.. "Think with your dipstick Jimmy".

Bleeding Love By Ardee's Ged Murray

Local Ardee man Ged Murray (Doctor Murrays son) and his friend Ian Duffy just finished college, having studied film for the past few years. They must be doing something right as there graduation film is in the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival ( from the 22nd to 29th October.
The basic plot of the movie is as follows. A shy charity worker must overcome his social awkwardness, fear of needles and, above all, massive blood loss to win the affections of a girl that works in the blood bank.
True to form women will bleed you dry.I am dying to see the movie and hope to attend and catch up with Ged.

Below are the details, be there or be a rhombus triangle.

Village East Cinemas
181 2nd Ave at 12th
Friday 23rd of October at 6.00pm
Screen 7

Monday 26th of October at 4.00pm
Screen 6

Tuesday 27th of October at 10.10 pm
Screen 6

Friday, October 2, 2009

Right On Dynamite - Pull the Wool

Right on Dynamite is a three man rock ‘n roll combo, currently residing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Dan, Nicky, and Jon have been mates since high school, playing together in a couple of other outfits before finally taking the reins themselves as the mighty RoD. They’ve been making a righteous racket ever since, busting out exceptionally addictive guitarpop fuelled by scrappy energy, sly wit, and a seemingly endless supply of hip-shakin’, hand-clappin’ hooks.