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Sunday, March 1, 2009

10 cool things about Ardee

I'm going to try to remember 10 cool things about Ardee before i left 10 years ago. Everybody is welcome to write their 10 cool things about Ardee and email them to me and i will post them on the blog.

  1. Damos Pool Room
  2. The Hibs Pitch
  3. Johny Weldon
  4. Tenantys
  5. Down the Dee
  6. The Jumping Church
  7. Johny Martins Bike Shop
  8. Smiggy
  9. Benny Andersons
  10. The Animal Clinic sign, somebody wrote Foscals House on it with a marker.
CATHAL CONLON from Co.Boston also took the challenge.
  1. Enda Muldoons
  2. The jumping church
  3. The helmet
  4. Mario's
  5. Benny Andersons
  6. The castles
  7. Mr's Reid
  8. Bertie-The patient from the mental hospital who shouts the time at every car that goes by.
  9. The bog
  10. The priests mount
NICOLA TAFFEE all the way from Co Australia will be next
  1. Battered sausage from Mario's
  2. Curry fried rice from the Chinese
  3. Gravy chip with onion from the Chinese
  4. Tractors in the St Patricks day parade
  5. Monica's shop in Balapouschka
  6. The Farrelly man who lives on John street,what's his name ?? he collects pens
  7. Vodka and Mi Wadi orange, does anyone drink that any more
  8. Packet of Tayto and a Mars or Snickers for school lunch
  9. The Bargain store
  10. Poitin playing in Morris's
Another grand young one all the way from the home of the Koala bear, Fosters beer and Paul hogan, that's right Africa, land of the rising sun. It's CAROLINE Giggilo GIGGINS
  1. As some auld fella said to me the last time i was at home"you're the young Giggins gersha living beyont in Mel burt en"
  2. Everyone fights about which is the top or bottom of the town
  3. Seamus Farrelly's for the communion and conformation snaps
  4. Micky Rooney-it's not a 21st without him
  5. The Harp for all night lock ins
  6. Mc Quids for a game of pool and a basket of chicken and chips
  7. The Fairgreen where you can't wear hats or swear
  8. Mickey Roger's for a qtr of every sweet under the sun
  9. Paddy Sherry Cabs-where you get a free tour of Louth with every cab home
  10. The Ardee Guardai
Next up it's Ardee's 2 year in a row Hairy Hand competition winner FERGAL DIAMOND all the way from the swankyest suburb in Louth, Stickillen Ardee boy.
  1. The Mental
  2. The railway line ( lough Aegush )
  3. Bing
  4. Stickillen caves
  5. Ferdia and Cuchulainn ( drunk and the hunk ) Classic Ardee Humor there. LOL
  6. The slaggin and the craic
  7. The jumping church
  8. The sunshine bar ( down the dee )
  9. The I.R.A statues
  10. Dawson's bridge
Another grand lassie originally from Ardee but now has moved to Chester Endland, give her a lovely warm round of applause it's EMMA CARROLL, funnily enough the same last name as a box of fags.
1. Ardee hadn’t a cinema or any real source of clean living entertainment, it had feck all shops, clothes, music or otherwise but for a small town, there was at least 12 pubs that I can think off… demand and supply….Benny’s, the Harp, the Lemon and Clove….although John whatshisname was a bit scary….

2. Caffrey’s Bakery was good for a coffee slice, sneaky fag and wondering about who was going to end up shifting who on Saturday night…

3. The bus to the Oasis was always good craic..

4. Actually, the bus home from the Oasis usually was too….

5. The Dee – I have to say this as I spent… em…well a lot of time there and to not think of it as cool now would mean I must have wasted a lot of time….

6. The pool room (s) Damien’s and then Joe’s and then Damien’s and then Joe’s and then…it kept changing….the kind of rivalry between Damien’s and Joe’s… Oh! Shinobi! and Tetris…and puzzle bobble…

7. You could always find a nice kind over 18 (or nearly there) person that would go to the off-licence for you when you were feeling a bit young looking….That was pretty good

8. You could buy fags in singles in the hamper and for a very short illicit while, in Damien’s pool room…

9. The Paddy’s Day Parade….tractors…trailors…majorettes from somewhere like Drogheda or ashbourne…

10. Can I say the ardeegardai/gardai siocholoni? They kind of added something special if I do say so myself…..
Next up is Bernard Clarke who hails all the way from the motherland Ardee. After discovering that he had Elephantitis of the ball bag and surrounding areas Bernard decided to put this to use and has had the lead role in these fantastic porn movies .Bernard does Bettystown, Grand Theft Anal, Clarke does Cattle too and his outragous hit Dawsons bridge aint got nothin on me. Go on Bernard your a lovely chap.
  1. The Ballis Hills
  2. Benny Andersons - Thats alot of history
  3. The Jumping Church, Do you really believe it
  4. Should have been a number 1 hit. The song Cattle Crossing
  5. Head and Shoulders (not the shampoo) LOL
  6. Gack
  7. St Josephs Avenue
  8. Hard Days Night Diner. The early days
  9. Ardee Rugby Club
  10. The Bat Shed
That was a lovely top 10 Bernard now get out and don't let your nads get caught in the door on your way out. Good luck


  1. Should I finde something about Ardee in wikipedia?


  2. ohhhh boyeee! i sure can't wait to go and visit this crazy place!

  3. The old clove nite-club.

    Bouncer: What's your date of birth ??
    Me: eh eh the 6th of feb 19 1979
    Bouncer: Ok what's your star sign ??
    Me: Bollix !!!!!

  4. I lived and worked in Ardee from 1987 to 1989. Tenantys pub was the place to be. The railway bar had just opened and was nicknamed the Dagmar after a pub on Eastenders. Enda Muldoon was insulting his customers and they loved him for it. Benny Anderson had to pull 8 pints of Guinness to get one that you could drink. There was a pub on the main street that had a telly behind the bar with 5 screens that could show different programmes at the same time. What was it called. I have lived in London since 1989.