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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The New Pornographers. Myriad Harbour.

A.C. Newman - vocals, guitar, ebow, synthesizer, harmonica, pump organ, xylophone
John Collins - bass, guitar, synthesizer, ebow, vocals
Kurt Dahle - drums, percussion, vocals
Blaine Thurier - synthesizer
Todd Fancey - guitar
Dan Bejar - vocals, guitar, synthesizer, melodion
Neko Case - vocals
Kathryn Calder - vocals, piano
Nora O'Connor - vocals

The New Pornographers are a Vancouver group made up of A.C. Newman and a group of ridiculously talented people he feels are uniquely equipped to realize his musical ambitions. They formed in 1997, almost immediately recorded the classic "Letter From An Occupant," and it was on. A.C Newman now plays with the self titled band.
Myriad Harbour is probably about three or four years old at this stage but still a cool song. Enjoy the riff !!

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