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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where's Mary ? China

On my recent return to Ardee I discovered that an old art teacher
of mine was running for elections. So I sent out my paparazzi team to see what they could dig up. Well it turns out that not only is Mary running for elections in Ardee but that's just a cover up, she is planning a hostile global takeover and nothing is going to get in here way.
Sources say that she could be spotted swallowing whole rats one at a time... ( remember V ) dont be fooled by the bright smile, this could be serious, feck Osama, feck Seamus Farrely, this is big and with Jim Tennanty on her side anything is possible.
Every week I will bring to you some pictures of where she is planning her next move, this week she was found in China on an alleged vacation but we got the picture of here having a secret ceremony with Chinese Communist Party members Hu Jintao, Xi Jingping and Hoo Flongdong.
I cant wait to see where she is going to be next. Watch out folks she could be in a town near you.

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