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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dicky - Woodstock

Women want him, men don't ! But one more of the spectacular things the great Dicky has done was started the festival we all wanted to be at,Woodstock. In the sixty's Dicky started out his musical career by jamming in the streets. He had a lot of success in the square in Ardee and could afford anything his heart desired, but that simply wasn't enough.
Dicky wanted to bring music to the world and hitched a ride to Clogherhead where he was stowed away a local fishing boat.
Many weeks later and wreaking of rotten fish Dicky arrived in the small port of Woodstock. There where many similarity's to Ardee which made Dicky comfortable and he started to busk on the streets. Slowly but surly the smell of rotten fish had disappeared and the smell of fresh fish surrounded him as woman dropped at the sight of the glowing Adonis that stood playing the guitar before them. Word spread fast about the Ardee native and swarms of people came from across the length and breathe of the land they call America. Soon the little town of Woodstock was filled with hundreds of thousands of people including musicians such as Jimmy Hendrix and Richie Havens.
So you can put the creation of Woodstock down on the list of fantastic things Dicky
has done. In the picture above we see Dicky and some unknown broad in the fields surrounding the stage at Woodstock....You Go Dicky

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