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Sunday, January 2, 2011

An ode to Fag's

Fag's are lovely when your sucking one down,
or out with the lad's on the town.

Sure you'd be mad not to like them when you look so cool,
but yet cunt's still call you a fool.

But they don't realize the pleasure it bestows,
to suck in the smoke and blow it out your nose.

You see fag's are lovely with a cup of tea,
or mitching school below in the Dee.

Keith Richard's, Britney spears, Brad Pitt
sure if they are at it who give's a shit.

Did I mention it alter's your state of mind,
from a psychopathic monster to one so kind.

So if your in your car or the Mr's is on the rag,
reach into your pocket and grab the fag's.

You'll be right as rain when you lite that fag,
and draw in your first drag.

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