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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Raw Video: Homeless Man's Voice Gets Natl Buzz

A poor homeless man basically from.ohio ted williams who has a very professional and impressive announcing voice pointed out that having to deal with so much fame so suddenly, is a proper challenge and fatigue for him.

 He expressed his views in detail when invited to the cbs’s “earlyshow” this Friday that he even confessed having want to take “nerve pill” before coming to the show. But he explained that it was his psychologist who guided him that his solution is to “meditate and not medicate.” Williams became and actual practical overnight celebrity after The Columbus Dispatch had uploaded a video of his talent over the web. Life made him end up at the streets of Columbus after it was exploited by substance abuse. Though now he claims to be sober for more than two years.

After appearing with the company of his mother on CBS tonight, her mother informed that her reunion with her son happened in New York on Thursday. She claimed that she was seeing her son in person after complete 10 years. Julia Williams, his mother whose herself a resident of New York City referred to the reunion as a prodigal son come back home.

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