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Friday, May 21, 2010

00 Feckin 7. License To Paint. CUNTS !!

So the other day i'm painting away like no ones business, happy as larry on a lovely sunny day and next thing I was approached by this Lizard looking man. Me being a friendly type chap said "hello" or "well" or whatever I said. He then produced a Government I.D from underneath his ugly feckin lizard man T-shirt.

He sez "we are doing random checks around the area, do you have a Painting Licence" ?
Sez I    " What.... No, Whats a painting License"
He sez " you need to have a licence to paint an exterior of a house"
Sez I   "really, are you messing"
He sez " No !! You are breaking the law and you have to leave the job now"

So he then asked for my insurance, business name, driving license and so on. So he heads back into his poxy truck and leaves me standing there like an egit. Then he arrives back still with his lizards head on.

He Sez " here you go" and handed me a pile of papers
Sez i    " whats this "
He sez " it's a ticket for $1000.00 for not having a painting license and you have to go to court in June, but before that you need to fill out all the paper work and get your painting license"

Well  look i'm so pissed off that I can't even continue to write this so i'll let you know what happens Tuesday after the test.. CUNTS !!!!!!

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