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Friday, December 9, 2011

St Josephs hospital closing ?

 If st josephs hospital in ardee closes down it will be such a shame, I don't understand how shutting down a hospital is going to help the country.
A TOP union official says there is 'no logic' in the plans to close st josephs hospital in ardee and the Cottage in Drogheda.
SIPTU'S National Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, expressed his sadness and disappointment that the two highly regarded and HIQA compliant Hospitals in County Louth had been earmarked for closure by Health Minister Dr James Reilly.
' There is no logic to the decision to earmark these hospitals as both are excellent, proven in their ability to serve the needs of Senior Citsens and those with a need for 24/7 care in a Hospital setting,' said Bell. 'As a National Organiser for Ireland's biggest Health Union I have been fighting the HSE and previous government on the closure of beds and hospitals in Community Nursing Unit settings throughout Ireland on the basis of balancing the books and it now seems that the excuse of using HIQA to justify the closing of a hospital has finally run out and that the practice of ' bottom line' medical care has finally surfaced warts and all'.

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