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Sunday, August 1, 2010


 On guitar/Vocals - Niall Callan , on Bass/Vocals - Barry Callan & laying down the beats, Kev O'Shea.
The Cougar Effect is a fantastic band of horses from none other than feckin Ardee. It's seems to me that although Ardee is a small place it has a lot of small hidden treasures, No i'm not talking about Niall Callans tool, I,m talking about the band Cougar Effect. I am very happy to see a band coming from Ardee that has started to write some of there own great tunes. I mean The Beatles may have done some great covers but have become legends by writing there own stuff.
So keep it up Cougar Effect, Your song "Money" is firmly stuck in my brain. Rock Out with the Cock Out !!!!!!!!

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