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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Man Shot Dead In Ardee Co Louth

What ever happened the days in Ardee when the big news was..................

John Sherry caught a trout down the Dee,
Micky Rogers opened the toy shop at Christmas,
Eggs thrown at a door at Halloween,
Who was the first in the town to have new year number plates,
The Brotherhood,
A fist fight down the Dee,
Who had the biggest tractor in the Paddy's Day parade,
Santy coming to Duffy's,

Well last night some lad was shot dead in a housing estate called Sliabh Breagh, This is where I would hang out with Foscal and spin around on the bikes up Stoney Lane. I just can't believe some cunt even had a gun, get a fuckin life you dumb bastards. Pardon  the pun .

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