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Friday, March 25, 2011

MS update

So last St Patrick's day my wife gave birth to our lovely new baby Sophia Rose Gorman which was the best day of my life. But the bastard thing is that all the excitement and commotion has taken it's toll on me physically. Having being diagnosed 4 years ago with Multiple sclerosis I havnt had a major attack sincs then, it makes me sick to be even writing this about myself when I should be writing about my lovely baby.
 I guess I just want people to know about the disease and what a bitch it can be. I mean my family and I must pay the price for having a baby and getting excited, it just doesn't seem fair. 
 Here are some cuntish things that are happening to me......
Right side of face is numb
Right side teeth and throat are numb
My right arm and legs are crazy 
My left hand makes me look like I am about 80 years old.
I had to buy a cane the other day because I am so wobbly and people think I am drunk.
I have been getting high doses of steroids pumped into me on a drip for the past 3 days and i have 2 days left, 
Steroids help me to go back into remission but it's far from cool. Sleepless nights, head is crazy, I've been up since 3 this morning. 
Need I continue with the onslaught of shite.
 My point is there is no cure for this shit yet,  I just don't think it's fair for me and my family to have to deal with this right now  when I should just be enjoying my lovely new baby.
 I am thankful for being a thick Paddy at this time because I will not let this beat me.
I may be down for a little bit but I am far from knocked out.I am just lying in wait to grab life by the bollox again.
Shane Gorman      
March 25th  2011 6.35am