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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Plastic Ono Band - Give Peace A Chance

      So I was out with paul mc cartney the other night and he told me a special story about the beatles..........
  When the beatles formed in 1960 nobody knew that they were going to change the world of music forever, with the huge success, fame and money also came a lot of work partying and traveling, but when on there travels John_Lennonpaul mc cartneyGeorge_Harrison and ringo starr could all agree that what they most missed about being at home in liverpool was the grub.
    You see all four members of the The_Beatles loved a good plate of Fish, chips and beans. So they all agreed that when on tour every Friday night no matter if they where playing in Hamburg or gettysburg that the fab four would sit down together and have  a good plate of Fish, chips and beans.
  This was a great time for The Beatles to catch up on all the good times that they had been having during the week and to unwind with Friends.
   All was great except that John and paul  had a terrible dark secret and they didn't know how to tell George and ringo.
     You see John and paul aren't big huge fans of the old batchelors beans and they would much rather have Mushy_peas. So one Friday while having the annual plate of Fish, chips and beans,  John said "feck this, listen George and ringo we have something to tell you, myself and paul don't really like batchelors beans and we think that we should try Mushy_peas instead" Well George and ringo only had a shit fit and put up a massive argument that beans had a lovely red sauce and that  everybody enjoyed all the farts after the meal, Well John  just couldn't believe his ears and he shouted out.........
 "All we are saying is Give_Pea's_a_Chance'.

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