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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LCD Soundsystem - All I Want

lcdsoundsystem is the brainchild of James Murphy of the new york collective/label/production house DFA, the band live includes (and has included) Patrick Mahoney (formerly of Les Savy Fav, and sometime Hot Chip live), Nancy Whang (also of The Juan Maclean), Tyler Pope (of !!! and Outhud), Phillip Mossman (Sabres of Paradise, David Holmes), Al Doyle (Hot Chip), Phillip Scaritch (The Witches), J.D. Mark, Matthew Thornley, Andrew Raposo (Automato, Hercules & Love Affair), Justin Chearno (Turing Machine, Panthers) and Gerhardt Fuchs (Turing Machine, The Juan Maclean, !!!, Maserati). 

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