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Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Thing's That Happened In 2010

Here are some of the big thing's in 2010......

I'm gonna be a baby daddy,
The oil spill at Swaney Malone's,
The_Rubberbandits got recognition,
benny_andersons is still open,
33 Minors were pulled from a big hole in Chile.
Kate Middleton and Prince_William got hitched.
simon_cowell quit american idol.
bieber fever.
lady gaga.
facebook reaches five million users.
ardee got rocked by torrential schnow and feckin bastardin ice.
The ardee man blog nearly reaches Fifty Thousand hit's.                                                                                  The postman pat phenomenon . 
Richie_Cunningham's father die's.
ireland's economy is still fucked.
paris hilton caught with cocaine.
The jersey shores snookey.

These are but a few thing's I can think of at the minute.

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