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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kid getting shot on Google street, true or false ??

Google, one of the leading search engines, has one of its famous features called Google Maps where you can get a close up view of streets and directions. However, this does not end there; it can get pictures and images of buildings, malls, streets,businesses, roads, cars and of people walking on them. These interesting images include sometimes naked women walking on the beach, an old man walking on the street and now the most interesting according to Google search, the kid being shot on the street. The image was taken at Chicago on Oakley Avenue.
  There have been hilarious comments about the pictures, it has been said that the picture are merely kids playing toy guns. People were asking if the picture was taken intentionally or was a mere coincidence. Others are taking it seriously and are saying that some kid got shot. But there have been no reports regarding this.
Whatever it is, Google team was just passing by through one of their vans equippedwith cameras when they saw that a black guy was standing near the footpath with a gun in his hand and pointing it towards a young boy who was running towards his house.

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