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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ireland at a stand still from snow.

Well if thing's weren't bad enough in Ireland with the bailout an all,  mother nature decided to give The Emerald Isle another kick in the ball's by lashing down six inches of snow on top o the old green fields.....
No more stony grey soil of Monaghan only slushy white shite to bait the band, sure the bicycle's wouldn't be going by in two's and three's for they can't get up the feckin road sure, plus Billy Brennan would have had to cancel the party in the barn for the cattle would all be idin in the hate.
 There will be no fish being sold on the street's of Ardee tomorrow as P.K the fish man is unable to get the truck down the feckin Drogheda road, on the plus side his fish will be nice and fresh as they will be on ice for next week. Paudy Bradley of the cheeky pigs also lucked out as his trade mark goggles came in handy whilst walking home from Benny Anderson's the other night. My sources tell me that the snow also has brought local Ardee man Vincent Clinton to his knees with insanity as he could be seen sliding down a hill naked yesterday evening in the vicinity of his home. Thankfully nobody was hurt or poked in the incident.
 The schools have all been shut down for fear that parent's driving kid's to school may get into a terrible accidents because of the icy road's, Here's an idea for you, why don't all the farmers with the savage tractors slap the trailers on the back, through a tarp on top and pick up all the childer and bring them to school for a small fee, the mother's that are then free to do as they please like watch Oprah and stuff could then make lovely bun's and stew and in turn sell that to the hungry farmer's that have been delivering childer to school all day in the tractors, which in turn could boost the economy.......Hello, think outside the box farmers and women who do nothing all day like Sabrina Dardis in Nobber.
 Vincent Gorman has been perplexed as to get a puppy or not, I think he really should as it would keep him busy and beside's that who doesn't love a new puppy, Rosemary Gorman on the other hand would need some persuasion as the cleaning would never be done about the house, but as I heard Arthur from the Chinese in Ardee once say  "if you had nothing to dirty the house why would you clean it" wise words Arthur, wise words.
 So I'll be on my way now for a nice walk to my friends apartment, I was gonna drive but seen as there is not a single trace of snow on the ground in New York I may as well walk.


  1. not funny gum tight not funny.... ha ha.... will kill u next time ur home!!!!

  2. Send me the story of the 3 boyos that mitched at the sewrage plant, just to mention a few, joey, Trevor and feedy. 😃
    I'm joeys sister 😀