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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheeky Pigs.

Having seen the Cheeky Pigs play on the RTE television show "SBB ina Hee", I thought it would be great if they would play "The Fattening Of The Pig". Turns out it was a good idea and they where feckin brilliant. From start to finish Paudy Bradley and the band captivated the crowd with bangin beats from "Warren Zevon" "The Rolling Stones" "Talking Heads" and some of there own self writen songs which I think are as good as any of the covers they performed.
Paudy took the stage wearing a big pair of goggles and black leather jacket with the collars turned up which immediately drew the gaze of the crowd. When they opened up with "ware wolves of London" I couldn't believe it, I wasn't expecting such a great selection of songs. Between the class tunes and Paudys antics on stage the "Cheeky Pigs" where brilliant. If you get a chance to see them play live don't miss it.
Thanks for playing the show lads.

Videos from Cheeky Pigs performance to come !!!!!!!!!!



  2. Original Cheeky Pigs in SBB ina Shui were Paudi B.,Peter Duff, John Farrell, Pat Clinton......can't remember who the other guy was.
    The new line up: Peter Farrell is John's brother and Daniel (the drummer at the fattening pig) is his son I think. Great gig guys!