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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Simply Dicky. Formula 1

This next segment to the blog is called "Simply Dicky".
Indeed a rare glimpse into the world of Dicky, if he's not playing music, bringing peace to the middle east or dining in the white house you can bet Dicky will be doing something cool.
In our first look into the exotic life of Dicky we see him on the podium taking first place at last years Formula 1 season, much to the delight of the crowd Dicky signed autographs, pulled donuts in the team car while showering the fans with cash. All before retiring to the after party surrounded by models.
You Go Dicky.


  1. wait! is that SEAN CONNERY!!!!

  2. Ah.Dickie,always No1,and always in Pole position,a true Friend.Big Hammer

  3. Its MR Myagee from Karate Kid