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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Return To The Motherland, ARDEE

Well I have to say that my trip back Ardee was the best two weeks I had in a long long time. Touching down in bleeding Dublin on Hair Cunnilingus a lot of things where on my mind....

Will I get into Benny Andersons ?
If Mammy is at the airport,who is gonna make the fry ?
Will the locals run Molly from the town with pitck forks ?
Is Clogherhead like it used to be?
Is six of one really half a dozen of the other?
Is Phil Collins really a Gorilla?
Is Supervalu secretly a Space ship?

All these questions and so many more where indeed answered and my knowledge for Ardee has grown greatly in the past two weeks.
I have a lot to get together since returning to New York but I will try to post a blog every day.
I can say this, Ardee is still home and always will be and the people so friendly, it was just great being back.

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