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Monday, June 29, 2009

Peter Callaghan. Callaghans Butchers Ardee

What can I say about Peter Callaghan, Only that without him everybody in Ardee would probably be about two stone lighter. Without doubt the best sausages I have tasted in nine years, I sampled The Curry Sausage and The Paprika Sausage and they are lovely, Grand on white bread with the butter dripping onto the plate.
When I came up with the idea for "The Fattening Of The Pig" Peter came to mind,no not because he reminded me of a pig but the fact that they are the finest butchers in Ireland and the trophy's to prove it. I gave Mr Callaghan a call and explained my idea and Peter agreed to donate a lovely fat pig for the cause for which I am very grateful. If that wasn't enough Peter came up with loads of other ideas for the gig too.
Peter thank you very much.
CALLAGHAN BUTCHERS ARDEE CO.LOUTH !!!!! Go there you wont be sorry.

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