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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dicky Dundee Mate

Paul Hogan, Hulk Hogan, Benny Grogan ?? No I cry !!!!!!! It's Dicky once more, in his astonishing blockbuster role as Dicky Dundee from Australia.
You all remember the blockbuster movie "Crocodile Dundee" starring Paul Hogan. Well in fact my sources tell me that Paul Hogan was so petrified by crocodiles that Peter Faiman the director of the movie hired the one and only Dicky to play all the dangerous parts in the movie.
You see Paul Hogan had developed a major complex from watching to many episodes of Neighbours and drinking to much Fosters lager that he had become paranoid about handling crocs. He feared that they would rip him to shreds while filming and his chiseled looks would go astray.( Little did he know at the the time that his entire face would become a total plastic catastrophe in the future ) anyway..........
In the 80s Dicky had traveled to New York in search of a career in acting amongst other things.
One night while Dicky played around the bars in his stomping ground of the east village he happened to bump into the famous directer Peter Faiman.
Faiman who directed the Neil Diamond 'Thank You Australia' Concert (1976) was a local celeb and was intrigued by Dicky as he walked into the bar. Surrounded by beautiful woman and carrying a stick to defend himself, Dicky couldn't help but draw the gaze of any innocent bystander.
Faiman approached Dicky and asked him to be a double for Paul Hogan, Dicky being Dicky decided to play the role of the rugged Australian wondering the streets of New York.
And there you have it. Dicky blows our minds once more with his talented self..
You Go Dicky !!

Withy a release date of the 26 September 1986

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