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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tennis Dicky.

The one we all aspire to be, the one we admire the most, the one we crave, Yes it's Dicky!! Amongst other things Dicky has the ability to hit a tennis ball at one hundred plus miles an hour which makes him ace every serve. In fact that's where he got his nickname "Dicky The Ace". his love for tennis was indescribable but because of his connection with the K.G.B Dicky could never go public with his tennis skills and never make his dream of winning the "U.S open" complete.
He decided a disguise would be in order, So he thought to himself "what better disguise could a white male have"???? Then it came to him "I could make myself look like a black female tennis player and go by the name of Serena" Brilliant sez he and of he went and won the Open.
The saga continues and the legend grows stronger with every tale to be told.
The picture above was issued to me by the K.G.B, it shows a rare shot of Dicky slicing a ball in training.
You Go Dicky !!

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